157 Logements BBC, Une Crèche Et Des Commerces by S&AA – Schweitzer & Associés Architectes | World Design Awards 2020

S&AA – Schweitzer & Associés Architectes: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. The project consists of the construction of 7 blocks of multi-family dwellings. A nursery and commercial premises are also planned on the ground floor of two of these buildings. The project consists of R+2+attic type plots arranged along a pedestrian path that crosses the plot in an East-West direction. These buildings are located on a North-South axis so as to also create secondary transversal paths. Building 3, located in the North-East of the plot, has a different orientation which allows the creation of a wider public space at the entrance of the eco-district, at the level of the shops and the nursery. The plots have a simple and compact volumetry, in response to the search for energy performance. This compactness favors the external spaces of the block, whether private gardens or common green spaces. All housing units are extended by wide balconies or attic terraces. From the street, the project presents a succession of volumes, the top floor of which is systematically set back, in order to reduce the impact of the buildings on the surroundings as much as possible.

Firm: S&AA – Schweitzer & Associés Architectes
Architect: Patrick Schweitzer
Category: Mixed Use Built

Project Location: Souffelweyersheim
Team: Molène Servelle
Country: France
Photography ©Credit: Architecte mandataire : S&AA

 S&AA architects Since its foundation in 2001, the S&AA practice focuses on lowering the environmental impact of the buildings it designs and gives priority to the community harmony.

The architect needs to be aware of the society he is living in. As a result, Patrick Schweitzer and his associates emphasize the sustainable design of their projects. Benefiting from a dynamic young team the office is proficient in designing eco areas, public buildings, offices, high standards  commercial facilities, low-energy and even “Passivhaus” housing.

By working in conjunction with urban planners, engineers and local actors, the S&AA architects carry out long term projects. The future user is at the center of the design. The architecture relies on interrelation and generosity: generosity of lines, circulations and exchanges, generosity in the multiple articulations of space.