Unica | Pininfarina of America | IRA Awards 2023

Pininfarina of America: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. In the heart of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, the Torre Única designed by Pininfarina emerges as a harmonious blend of history and modernity, redefining the architectural narrative of the city. This soaring skyscraper, standing proudly amidst the bustling urban landscape, represents a thoughtful and innovative revisitation of Buenos Aires’ architectural language.

At the core of the Torre Única’s design philosophy is a meticulous exploration of Buenos Aires’ architectural heritage. The architects at Pininfarina sought inspiration from the city’s historical structures, engaging in a dialogue with the past while propelling the design into the future. This conversation with tradition is most evident in the transformation of architectural elements, where static details find new vitality in fluid lines, and the familiar becomes extraordinary. Traditionally associated with static and rigid lines, the tower’s cornices now dance with fluidity, creating a visual spectacle that reflects the dynamic spirit of contemporary Buenos Aires. The once stoic and traditional cornice now weaves a narrative of movement and grace, encapsulating the essence of the city’s evolving identity.

Similarly, the evolution of windows in Torre Única serves as a striking example of the project’s commitment to redefining architectural norms. Moving beyond the conventional punch-hole windows, the tower embraces expansive glass facades that seamlessly connect the interior spaces with panoramic views. This transformation floods the interiors with natural light and fosters a sense of openness, blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the picturesque surroundings.

Columns, a hallmark of classical architecture, take on a new role in Torre Única as they form elegant colonnades. The once purely structural elements now contribute to the aesthetic charm of the building, creating a sense of rhythm and proportion that pays homage to Buenos Aires’ architectural legacy.

Water-inspired patterns emerge as a captivating motif in Torre Única’s facades and fences. Drawing inspiration from the city’s proximity to the Rio de la Plata, these patterns evoke a sense of fluidity and movement, mirroring the ebb and flow of water. This design choice not only connects the building to its natural surroundings but also adds a layer of symbolism, reflecting the fluid and adaptable nature of Buenos Aires itself.

Upon stepping into the interiors of Torre Única, one encounters a carefully curated blend of timeless materials that bridge the gap between the past and present including dark walnut, white marble, and green marble. These materials not only exude a sense of sophistication but also serve as a deliberate reference to the city’s rich history.

Torre Única stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural innovation. By revisiting and reinterpreting the architectural language of Buenos Aires, the tower becomes a dynamic symbol of the city’s evolution. Fluid cornices, expansive glass facades, elegant colonnades, and water-inspired patterns collectively contribute to a narrative that honors tradition while embracing the future. Torre Única will serve as a landmark that not only reflects the essence of Buenos Aires but also shapes its architectural destiny.

Project Details
Pininfarina of America

Pininfarina of America

Project Name

Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location
uerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Pininfarina team: Samuele Sordi ( chief Architect ) Jairo Vives ( senior design Manager) Ambra Gadda ( Senior Architect) Andres Pineda ( Senior landscape Architect ) Ceyda Kazancioglu ( junior Architect ) BMA team: Rodolfo Miami ( Founding partner) Rodrigo Boscolo ( Partner ) Alejandro Casas ( Architect)


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©Renderings by Simultaneo https://www.smtn.cc/

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