Orchid Mansion, Ningbo | Zhejiang Greentown Ingenuity Design Co., Ltd. | IRA Awards 2023

Zhejiang Greentown Ingenuity Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The project adopts a master plan that features higher buildings in north and lower ones in north, two axes and two central gardens. The main and secondary entrances together with the central gardens comprise a horizontal main axis. In addition, a south-north axis is formed through the well-considered organization of buildings, which connects the two central gardens and integrate landscape spaces into a whole through the stilt ground floors. The central gardens and other landscape spaces interweave, enriching the environment of the community. The main entrance of the residential community is set on Baining Road on the west side. The water feature, drop-off canopy and lobby form an iconic community entrance. Commercial facilities and secondary community entrance are set on the east side, connecting with the metro station access and integrating into urban space. The design creates a clear separation of dynamic and static areas, and generates a convenient circulation. The foot traffic and vehicle flow are separated in the community.

The overall layout design of buildings considers the city skylines, so as to integrate the architecture into urban space and beautify the city image.

The facade design of residential buildings adopts the standardized specifications of the “Guiyu” property series developed by Greentown. The facade, which refers to the three-section composition of traditional architecture, is a combination of classical proportions and modern materiality. The sense of horizontality, the contrast of transparent glazing and solid wall, as well as the metal contours, give the facade a modern, simple yet exquisite urban feel. The podiums’ design harmonizes with the residential buildings in style. Continuing the sedateness and exquisiteness of “Guiyu” property series, the podiums form a street frontage with a unified style, which enhances the urban image and cityscape in the neighborhood. Commercial facilities are set near the subway access on the east side, which present a modern style, harmoniously fuse with urban functions and strengthens the visual identity of the street corner.

The landscape spaces features a rich sense of layering, which are connected by the homecoming circulation and provide a quality, beautiful living environment. The stilt ground floors, which are designed based on the concept of “freedom, openness and harmony”, provide a variety of spaces for all age groups, such as children’s play area, aesthetics space and fitness area. Two axes, one horizontal, another longitudinal, stretch from the entrance and run throughout the community. The two axes link the central gardens, and shape the network of landscape spaces. An open south-north visual corridor is created, and multiple layers of landscapes and water systems are configured along the main and secondary axes. Through the mix and match of layering, colors and forms, the design creates a dialogue between the homecoming route and the landscape spaces.

Project Details
Zhejiang Greentown Ingenuity Design Co., Ltd.

Shi Minghua

Project Name
Orchid Mansion, Ningbo

Housing More than 5 Floors Built

Project Location
Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Wang Ziping, Shi Minghua, Luo Fengping , Luo Jiangpei


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©Zhejiang Greentown Ingenuity Design Co., Ltd.

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