IRA Awards 2020 Winners

International Residential Architecture Awards 2020
Congratulations to all our Winners and Awardees.

After the huge success of International Residential Architecture Awards 2020. We are grateful to have many world’s biggest architecture firms in our award. Like: 10 DESIGN, Adjaye Associates, noa* network of Architecture, Lucas Freire Architecture, Wuxi Jiahe Real Estate Co.Ltd., Jofre Roca Arquitectes, Grabowski.Spork Architektur, Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, System Architects, Raulino Silva Arquitecto, etc. Many many congratulations and thanks to our participants who have such beautiful and hilarious projects.

IRA 2021

Here are few Winners & Awardees from around the globe: 10 DESIGN, noa* network of architecture, Lucas Freire Architecture, Wuxi Jiahe Real Estate Co.Ltd., Jofre Roca arquitectes, Grabowski.spork Architektur, Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, Raulino Silva Arquitecto, ADHOC Architectes, A2OFFICE, China Railway Construction Real Estate Group (East China) Co., Ltd., SUNAC, See Arch, altro_studio & More.

Winner- Bluewaters Residences by 10 DESIGN

Firm: 10 DESIGN
Architects: 10 DESIGN
Category: Housing Multi-Family
Project Location: Dubai
Team: Nick Cordingley, Chris Jones, David Emmer, Rita Pang, Javier Perea, Jason Easter, Marco Bonucci, Alexander Li, Inigo Arrotegui, Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, Dan Narita, Alexey Golbraykh, Harris Chu, Kishor Lad, Vincent Fung, Jamie Webb, Kevis Wong, Silan Yip, Yao Yap, Jonathan Van Der Stel, Nick Benner, Janet Tam, Nick Chan, Lynn Kim, Warith Zaki, Jane Yu, Jinjing Yu, Rachel Xia, Colin Ashton, Yao Ma, Liang Wang, George Aguirre, Sean Quinn, Ka Wai Tse, Eugene de Villiers
Country: United Arab Emirates
Photography ©Credit: Meraas, Rafael Vargas for 10 DESIGN, Leslie Pableo, 100pixels, ASAG

Winner- Mid-Century Remodel by See Arch

Firm: See Arch
Architects: Sarah Ebner
Category: Residential Interior Built
Project Location: Danville, CA
Team: Sarah Ebner, Karina Andreeva, Daniella Tenorio, NMT Financial, Greenport Designs, Jean Bai, Visual Jill

Country: United States
Photography ©Credit: Jean Bai / Konstrukt Photo

Winner- SUNAC SUNAN【In The Future】 by SUNAC

Architects: Cao Kan
Category: Residential Concept
Project Location: Wuxi
Team: Gu guohua, Wu Feng, Diao Hongna, Wang Bin, Cao Kan, 

Country: China
Photography ©Credit: SUNAC

Winner- Comfort In Context by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Firm: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Architects: Keng-Fu Lo
Category: Private Residential Built
Project Location: Tainan City
Team: Keng-Fu Lo

Country: Taiwan
Photography ©Credit: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Winner- Villa K. by grabowski.spork architektur

Firm: grabowski.spork architektur
Architects: Christoph Grabowski and Jan Spork
Category: Private Housing Built
Project Location: Taunus
Team: Martina Fahning, Zafer Önder, Benjamin Leppelt, Carolin Grawert, Sandra Korzeczek
Country: Germany
Photography ©Credit: Thomas Nutt, Hamburg

Winner- Development of Suzhou 2017-WG-47 Plot by China Railway Construction Real Estate Group (East China) Co., Ltd.

Firm: China Railway Construction Real Estate Group (East China) Co., Ltd.
Architects: Jiang Yu
Category: Housing Upto 5 Floors Concept
Project Location: Suzhou
Team: Client: China Railway Construction Real Estate Group (East China) Co., Ltd. ; Design company: gad ; Chief designer: Jiang Yu
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: GAD

Winner- FG75 Studios by A2OFFICE

Architects: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Category: Housing Upto 5 Floors Built
Project Location: Porto
Team: A2OFFICE – Architect Alberto Dias Ribeiro | Collaboration at Previous Study: Ana Raquel Fareleira
Country: Portugal
Photography ©Credit: Al.Ma Fotografia

Winner- House SV by Jofre Roca Arquitectes

Firm: Jofre Roca Arquitectes
Architects: Jofre Roca Calaf
Category: Housing Single-Family
Project Location: Barcelona
Team: Laura Molina, Jordi Gendrau
Country: Spain
Photography ©Credit: Jofre Roca Arquitectes

Winner- High Five by ADHOC Architectes

Firm: ADHOC Architectes
Architects: Jean-François St-Onge
Category: Housing More than 5 Floors Concept
Project Location: Montréal
Team: Jean-François St-Onge, François Martineau, Anik Malderis, Pascale Bornais-Lamothe, Etienne Coutu-Sarrazin, Auric Sirois, Jessie Gagnon, Sylvie Allain, Francis Alphonso
Country: Canada
Photography ©Credit: Etienne Dumas 3D Artist

Winner- Nicolai House by altro_studio

Firm: altro_studio
Architects: Anna Rita Emili
Category: Housing Interior
Project Location: Athens
Team: Anna Rita Emili
Country: Italy
Photography ©Credit: altro_studio

Winner- Wuxi C&D • He Xi by Wuxi Jiahe Real Estate Co.Ltd

Firm: Wuxi Jiahe Real Estate Co.Ltd.
Architects: Liu Hongbin
Category: Housing Concept
Project Location: Wuxi
Team: Client(C&D): Xu Jie, Huang Shiwei, Gao Weijun, Jiang Chenlei; Design team(Santo): Liu Hongbin, Su Tanhong, Song Jingwei, Long Hangming, Zhang Ke, Su Lingbin
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: Wuxi Jiahe Real Estate Co.Ltd.

Winner- Guest House Rupelmonde by Lucas Freire Architecture

Firm: Lucas Freire Architecture
Architects: Pedro Lucas Freire
Category: Housing Built
Project Location: Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Photography ©Credit: Enak Baert

Winner- Messner by noa* Network of architecture

Firm: noa* network of architecture
Architects: noa* network of architecture
Category: House Design Built
Project Location: Seis am Schlern-Kastelruth/Siusi allo Sciliar-Castelrotto
Team: Stefan Rier
Country: Italy

Congratulations to all our Awardees.

IRA 2021

Here are few Awardees from around the globe: 10 DESIGN, Adjaye Associates, Lucas Freire Architecture, Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, AtelierJun, System Architects, GFD, KYB Architects, Raulino Silva Arquitecto, Architekten LEE + MIR, J.C. Architecture, Jofre Roca Arquitectes, Ileana Schinder, PLLC, Susan Strauss Design, LK&PROJEKT,  Ene+Ene Arhitectura, Stephan Maria Lang Architects, WALL Corporation & More.