Futong Helios Mansion | Zhubo Design | IRA Awards 2023

Zhubo Design: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. City signifies the seeking of life, while oasis and ocean indicate exploration of the unknown. It is similar to the pursuit of stability and freedom to maintain balance, both of which coexist perfectly in Shenzhen, a new city with a unique urban spirit.

Futong Helios Mansion is located between Xiangmihu Golf Park and Mangrove Park. To balance the city and nature, the overall design of the project achieves two main objectives; to create a prominent landmark image on the urban scale and offer practical residential function. The work of architects starts with the questioning of conventional residential tower types.

Focusing on urban guidelines for sustainable development in Shenzhen, Futong Helios Mansion, a super high-rise residential complex project, is embedded in the skyline of Xiangmihu Golf Park in Futian, Shenzhen as the first puzzle piece. The project remains modest and friendly. Four high-rise towers with different heights are located to enclose a central garden raised to form a private atrium area. Corners are open for the arrangement of urban public activity space, hotel drop off and kindergarten. The design guarantees the continuity of urban texture, and maximizes architectural space and sight line to realize friendliness of city interface.

The site is between the city and the park, which we hope to connect and extend with ingenious design techniques. We design an ecological greening platform to function as main entrance of the project to connect to the city end rather than a traditional residential entrance, which is composed of different elevations connected by different kinds of landscape plants, to provide ecological living experience and a nature node.

We also design two platforms at the park end, including one viewing platform in the central garden where users can view the Golf Park, and an air bridge 100m high where visitors can view the whole park.

Project Details
Zhubo Design

Yang Weizhong、Jia Qiancheng、Yang Jin、Yu Wei

Project Name
Futong Helios Mansion

Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location

Jiao Jian, Chen Weiping, Chen Long, Chen Jinmin, Liu Weiwei, She Yun, Zhang Jin, Liu Bin, Lan Sufen, Chen Yuquan, Jiang Wei, Liu Qiutao, Liu Ganggang, Pang yuechuan, Guo zehao


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Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, restructured into a joint-stock company in 2012, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019 (Stock Code: 300564). It is a comprehensive design organization with two class-A qualifications, including construction industry (construction engineering) and urban planning, four class-B qualifications, including municipal engineering (water supply engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering) and landscape architecture engineering.