Category & Submission

WD Awards will have the following categories:

Commercial, Corporate, Cultural, Sports, Recreation, Private Residential, Office Building, House Design, Housing, Educational, Institutional Building, Residential Interior, Public Building Interior, Commercial Interior, Corporate Interior, Hotel Interior, Retail Interior, Healthcare Interior, Office Interior, Households, Lifestyle & Accessories, Interior Design Elements, Residential, Transportation, Housing Interior, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Pop-Ups, Temporary Structure, Landscape Design, Sustainable Building, Skyscraper, Transportation, Technology, Product Design, Small Villa, Small Building, High Rise Architecture, Healthcare, Urban Design, Urban Planning and more…

World Design Awards 2024 Schedule: 
Registration Open from 1st November 2023
Registration Ends 30th September 2024
Submission Deadline 30th September 2024
Results 31st October 2024

Submission Entry requirements:
1. Images of your design saved as JPG files in RGB mode (Maximum 8 A3 size sheets)
2. Cover Image saved as JPG files in RGB mode (200 dpi in horizontal format, 1200 X 630px)
3. Description of your design saved as a DOC file.
4. Submission sent does not exceed the maximum of 80MB in a zip file.
5. Studio Logo & Studio Brief in a maximum of 100 words for the Studio profile
6. Unlimited Projects in multiple categories.
7. No restrictions inbuilt & concept and project making date.

World Design Awards 2024 will be judged by two stellar panels: one for design, and the other for architecture. Each of the panels will be comprised of industry experts who will use their insight and experience to deliberate the results.