Jury Members

Keelan Kaiser
Professor of Architecture
Program Director of Architecture

Keelan P. Kaiser, FAIA is a US educator and architect. He is an expert in high-performance building design, energy and material use simulation and prediction, as well as numerous forms of architectural representation. He is an advocate for healthy buildings and environments and regularly makes contributions to these fields of education and practice. He serves as the Director of Architecture at California Baptist University and the Executive Director of the AIA Inland California chapter.

Virginia Melnyk

Virginia Ellyn Melnyk is a computational architectural designer and researcher specializing in material design, textiles, and deployable structures. Currently pursuing a PhD at Tongji University. Her work centers on feminist craft and the development of soft, adaptable structures through non-traditional techniques and modern computational methods.

With a foundation in traditional textile techniques, Virginia uses materials like knit to create designs that prioritize movement and instability. She believes this adaptability is crucial for sustainable and innovative architectural solutions.

Virginia holds a Master of Architecture from the Weitzmann School of Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo. Currently is the Foundations Fellow at Virginia Tech.

Kelly Homan
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Yotam Ben Hur
Teaching Associate in Architecture | Department of Architecture
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Karim Youssef
California Baptist University

Lee, Dong-Hee
Architectural Planning & Design
Sunchon National University

Academic Background

  • Oita University, Japan (Ph. D., Architectural Planning & Design)
  • Oita University, Japan (M. Eng., Architectural Engineering)
  • Chungbuk National University (B. Eng., Architectural Engineering)
  • Youngwol Technical High School (Architecture)

Major Careers

  • Professor, School of Architecture, Sunchon National University (2005-Present)
  • Director, Gurye Urban Regeneration Center (2018-2019)
  • Director, Suncheon Urban Regeneration Center (2015-2016)
  • Visiting Scholar, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, USA (2009-2011)
  • Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, Japan (2004-2005)
  • Researcher, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan (2002-2004)
  • Lecturer, Department of Architectural Engineering, Semyong University (2001-2002)
  • Lecturer, School of Architecture, Chungju National University (2000-2002)
  • Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, Japan (1999-1999)

Research Areas

  • Architectural Planning and Design
  • Urban Design and Regional Planning
  • Universal Design & Barrier Free Design
  • Housing and facility for the handicapped
  • Village and House in Rural Area
  • Korean Traditional Architecture
  • Architectural Photography

Major Study Results

  • The Case Planning Community Facilities in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan (Spring Meeting of The Korean Institute of Rural Architecture, 2018)
  • The Activities of Master Planners in Urban Regeneration Projects (Forum of Architecture & City, The Architectural Institute of Korea, 2017)
  • Architectural Projects in Muju by Chung Guyon (Korea & Japan Interchange Meeting, KIRUA & RCRPD of AIJ, 2018)
  • A Study on the Fire Accidents of Traditional Wooden Buildings by Surveying Newspaper Reports (Journal of The Regional Association of Architectural Institute of Korea, 2014)
  • Arrangement of Community Facilities Meeting the Needs of Welfare Service for the Elderly in Rural Areas (Autumn Meeting, The Korean Institute of Rural Architecture, 2013)
  • Planning and Design of Community Facilities in Rural Area (Annual Meeting, The Korean Journal of Community Living Science, 2013)
  • Understanding of Korean-Americans on Korean Traditional Architecture (Journal of The Architectural Institute of Korea, 2012)
  • A Study on the Living Circumstances of the Elderly Who had Moved into Apartment Houses of Urban Areas from Rural Areas (Journal of The Architectural Institute of Korea, 2010)
  • A Study on the Relocation Causes of the Elderly Who had Moved into Apartment Houses in Urban Areas from Rural Areas (Journal of The Architectural Institute of Korea, 2010)
  • A Study on the Architectural Accessibility of Medical Institutions for the Handicapped (Journal of The Architectural Institute of Korea, 2009).

Minjae Kim
Urban planning and design


– (Master) Department of Environmental Planning, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University

– (Doctor) Department of Environmental Planning, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University

Major career

practical experience

– 2008.01 ~ 2010.11, SK Construction Co., Ltd. Construction Housing Business Division, 38th public loan  

– 2017.05~2017.10, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, ICT Convergence Research Institute, Visiting Senior Researcher

– 2017.05~2018.04, Research Assistant, Environmental Planning Research Institute, Seoul National University  

Education and research experience

Education career

– 2018.03 ~ 2018.12, Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, Inje University 

– 2019.03~2019.12, Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, Inje University

– 2020.03 ~ Present, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Inje University

Mr. Byeong-Joon Kang was born in Daegu, Korea in 1963. He holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Daegu University in 1988, a Master of Architectural Engineering from Kyungpook National University in 1990, and Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 1994. He has got his Ph.D. from Kyungpook National University in 2019.

Mr. Byeong-Joon Kang is a full professor for Architectural Design and Urban Design and Theory at the Inje University in Busan, Korea, and a visiting professor for the Korea University in Seoul, Korea. He received visiting scholarship from McGill University from 2008-2009. He is a Commissioner of the International Affairs of Korean Institute of Architects, Seoul from 2006 and the Chief of International Division of Architectural Institute of Korea, Busan Chapter from 2004. He also was the Director of Busan International Architectural Culture Festival since 2004. He is serving the Municipality of Busan as a member of Architecture Policy Committee. His role is to organize international competitions for the city of Busan.

He won the first prize of the Daegu Country Club House Competition in 1996 and won the Honorable Mention of the Shinil College Matsterplan Competition in 1997. He also won the 2nd Prize of the APEC Climate Centre Competition in 2007. He received many awards and appreciations nationally and internationally, including an Award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea, Mayor of Busan and the Dean of Texas Tech University, USA He designed numerous architectural and interior projects in Korea and Germany. His projects and criticism were published in many Architectural Magazines and newspapers in Korean, Italy, Germany and USA. His projects were exhibited in Seoul, Busan, Daegu and New York. He was invited as an Invited Architect from the KIA in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2005.

He regularly lectures and is a visiting critic in architecture schools of Korea, Europe, Asia and North America, including New Jersey Tech, University of Venice, McGill University, Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, Texas Tech University, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, Ion Micu University of Architecture and Unbanism and the Center for Architecture in New York.

Minjung Maing
Hanyang University (Seoul), School of Architecture

Professor Minjung Maeng is an associate professor in the Department of Architecture at Hanyang University. Prior to joining Hanyang University, he conducted research and lectures at Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Hong Kong. Prior to that, he had many years of rich hands-on experience at architectural design and engineering firms in the United States and Korea. In fact, I have experience working as a design expert on several large construction projects in the United States. Prof. Minjung Meng’s main research areas are performance design of buildings, design technology integration, sustainability, building exteriors (façades), building systems and urban planning. In detail, he has worked in the field of building design for urban microclimate, building information modeling (BIM) and performance decision-making processes, workflow analysis, sustainable home design and integration with building exterior and façade manufacturing technologies. Professor Minjung Maeng received his BA in Architecture and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, MA in Engineering from Stanford University, and MArch. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also earned American Professional Engineer and AIA certifications.

Kwon Soon-Jung
Professor, Ph. D., Architect
Department of Architecture, Ajou University

1. Education & Degree
 B. Eng., Dept. of Architecture, Seoul National University. 1984. 2
 M. Sc., Dept. of Architecture, Seoul National University. 1986. 2
 M. A., South Bank University, London, U. K., 1997. 10
 Ph. D., Dept. of Architecture, Seoul National University. 1999. 2
 Licensed Architect. Ministry of Construction. 1990.12

2. Career
 2001 – : Professor. Department of Architecture, College of Eng., Ajou University
 1999 – 2001 : Full-time Lecturer. School of Architecture, College of Eng., Soonchunhyang University
 1992 – 1998 : Head Researcher, Korea Institute of Health Management.
 1987 – 1991 : Architect, Seoul Architects’ Company

3. Teaching Area
 Architectural Planning and Design
 Theory of Architectural Form and Space.
 Planning of Health Care Buildings.
 Planning for Elderly Care Facilities.

4. Membership in Academic Societies
 1993 – : Architectural Institute of Korea
 1995 – : Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture. Honorary President.

5. Graduation Thesis
 Thesis for M. Sc (S.N.U. 1986. 2) : A Study on the Expansion & Modernization and Its Trend of the General Hospital in Korea
 Thesis for M. A. (South Bank University, London, 1997) : A Strategic Approach – Provision of Care Facilities for Older People in South Korea
 Doctoral Dissertation (SNU. 1999. 2.) : A study on the Supply Estimation and Planning of Elderly Care Facilities in Korea

6. Architectural Works
1) Competition for Concept Design of Elderly Housing, 3rd prize, 2020.10, Korea Land & Hosing Corporation.

You bang keun

Professor, School of Architecture, Gyeongsang National University
Professor, “Atelier International d’Architecture Construite(AIAC)

As a university professor and architect, I take the space formed by the material properties and structural design concept of architecture as my main task.

Currently, I am the vice president of AIAC (Atelier International d’Architecure Construite), an international studio, and conduct annual workshops with architecture schools and students in 10 countries around the world with the same concept.

Ivan Bernal

Ivan Bernal
Director Campus: Kent

Ivan Bernal is a designer, educator, and curator. He is currently the Director of the Architecture and Urban Design Programs at Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and Guest Curator at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles. He holds a Master Degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) where he graduated with honors and was awarded Best Thesis for his research between primitive shapes and familiarity.

Ivan is interested in expanding the current and future role of Architecture, its cultural and urban impact, its aesthetics, and its evolution in different settings and venues. He has served as full-time faculty at Syracuse University School of Architecture and SCI-Arc. Prior to opening his practice, Ivan led studios in South America and The United States. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, and his research sits at the intersection of formal familiarity and non-traditional representation techniques exploring alternate realities.

Rubén Alcolea

Rubén Alcolea
Visiting Professor, Cornell University

Rubén Alcolea is involved in academia and develops a professional practice. Received his Master in Architecture and PhD from the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra and received the Special National Award for architecture in 2000. Received a Ph.D. in 2005 with a dissertation focused on Architecture and Photography in early modernism, later published as a book. Since 2000 is involved in academia and practice. His academic, teaching, and research work has been mainly developed at the School of Architecture, University of Navarra (2000-2016), where he was vice-dean for Research and Academic Programs (2009-2015); Visiting Scholar at the AA Architectural Association School of Architecture in London (2008-2009); and Visiting Professor at Cornell University, the USA since 2016.

Specialized in photography and modern architecture, is the author of several books, such as Pioneer Picnic/Picnic de Pioneros (Valencia, 2009) or the four volumes Inter: Photography and Architecture (2016). He has published academic papers and contributions to books, as well as produced and curated exhibitions, public seminars, and conferences. Practicing since 2000 as a registered architect, founded alcolea+tárrago in 2005. His work has awarded in more than 20 national and international competitions and has been widely published.

Archt. Dr. Narein Perera

Dr. Narein Perera – a Chartered Architect by profession – runs a practice, which prides itself in the degree of innovation and holistic applicability of its architectural solutions. His architectural practice has been quite successful over the years, winning recognition for design, both locally and internationally. In his home country of Sri Lanka, he was the recipient of the ‘Young Architect of the Year’ in 2010 and Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, awards for Design excellence in 2007, 2011, and 2018. On the international `stage, he was awarded the ‘Architecture Asia Award for Emerging Architects’ by the Asian Congress of Architects in Malaysia, (2014 and 2016); and ‘The Energy & Hot Climates Prize of the Green Building Solutions Awards 2016’ for the International Platform, in France.

Dr. Perera’s research expertise primarily encompasses urban scale studies that focus on the tropical climatic context. He critically explores the impacts of the haphazard and rapid development that affect the tropical cities, by developing mapping protocols for greater understanding and better application. The ‘Local Climate Zone’ classification system is utilized for mapping and its advantages as a basis for climate-sensitive planning policy are explored as a means to enhance the link between urban design and climate. His research includes a “Local Climate Zone” based approach to urban planning in Colombo, Sri Lanka. On the building scale, Perera’s work focuses on passive design strategies for the building envelope in ensuring daylight integration, thermal comfort, and overall energy efficiency. A key contribution is as an author/team member for the development of the Energy Efficient Building Code for Sri Lanka.

Seung-beom Roh
Professor Department of Architecture
HANYANG University College of Engineering