Agile • Shanqin Bay, Hainan | CLV.DESIGN | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

CLV.DESIGN.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. The design aims to let every corner of the home embrace an open view to outdoor beautiful seascape.

The large-scale French window in the dining room brings outdoor sea view into the interior. The open kitchen is flexible, and the wooden veneers and marbles echo with the ocean view outside the window, together embodying a natural concept. Occupants can enjoy cooking and food while taking in the coastal scenery here.

    The bar counter on the balcony offers a fascinating space where dwellers can watch the blue sky and sea, sit in the sun, listen to the waves and drink coffee, full of romantic charm, coziness and freedom. The balcony’s guardrail is formed by glass. The large-scale French window and glass door connects with the balcony, which not only ensure ventilation and daylighting, but also allows occupants to enjoy the outdoor sea scenery and the sound of waves when lying on the bed inside.

    Drawing inspiration from the tones of local natural soil and vegetation, the project adopts an interesting color palette and structures, which well integrate into the natural landscape. The spaces are organized in a freely staggered manner, the bedroom protrudes towards the sea, and the transition space under the eaves enables the occupants to cozily enjoy the cool, breeze and the blue sea. The design makes sure that each floor embraces a wonderful view of the ocean.

Project Details

Project Name
Agile • Shanqin Bay, Hainan

Wang Shaoqing

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Interior

Project Location
Wanning, Hainan Province

Chief Designer: Wang Shaoqing; Designer: Sun Tingting, Yang Guijun; Design team: Li Yuanmao, Li Jin, Liu Yuru, Liu Jia, Zhang Qi


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