Attic Loft | Elips Tasarım Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

Attic Loft Project is in Almondhill Residence Complex, located in Asian part of Istanbul. The roof floor (7th floor) at Almondhill Residence was 85 m2. Totally dark, no light and no fresh air from outside , it was almost an area in the warehouse view.

Designing for a young person who is undergoing university education, made us quite free and at the same time we had to create more functional areas. We have tried to create total loft space as much as possible, as the life of recreation, work, sport, food and entertainment vary. In fact, we have placed the bathroom in the living room with the sound system we have separated from the blinds, so that  TV in the living space can be watched from the bathroom.

Every design in the room is as much as it should be to make his life easier, no more no less. When we examined this space which was originally 85 m2, we realized that a second wall was built inside the space in order to save the head hight and we broke these non-supporting walls and increased the area to 132 m2. Now it was time to give light to the place. We used the roof windows as much as possible to make the space both very bright and enlarged the volume and hight. We know that no system can replace daylight in lighting.

For night illumination, instead of general lighting, we used directional spotlights, ground-lit spot lighting, sconce and hidden led lighting, thus creating a dramatic lighting. In the center of the space, we have designed a large 350 cm armchair and an open space around the cinema system with an open kitchennette and dining, study corner and fitness corner. We have provided the bathroom area separated by glass with blinds and can also benefit from the main cinema system.

Two closet rooms were designed in the sleeping section entered by sliding door and in the same bathroom, in order to benefit from the low points of the roof. White color was preferred in order to provide simplicity in the space, the big seat placed in the center was designed colorful to be energized in the area. The bathroom was turned into a warmer space with a black-gray floor and wall covering in contrast to the other area. While the small steel beams, which are the carriers of the roof, were covered with plasterboard ceilings, the main carriers were exposed with anthracite color paint.

In the middle, the two main carrier columns served as a floor lamp with the ball lighting mounted on it.

Eighteen roof windows were placed in the main room and one was placed in the bathroom and one in sleeping section. Shutter and roller blinds were added to each window. The roof slope makes the roofs adorable and at the same time design with that slope is difficult. Difficulties arise in the use of the lower parts resulting from the slope. However, these areas, which are very low, should not be seen as unnecessary and should not be covered with walls because they add value to the space in volume. Height can be added to the room by using roof windows extending to low parts.

We design all furniture detailed according to the needs and the place. But one of them just wiilng to make smile. It’s a book shelf, figured like a man trying to carry the roof with his hands and the head is a lamp. This is a tailor made space, unique. The owner of the house wakes up and goes to wash his face, the first thing he sees on the mirror is a word ‘süper görünüyorsun’ means ‘you look great’.


Architects: Elips Tasarım Architecture
2nd Award – Category: Residential Interior
Project Location: Istanbul
Project Team: Feza Koca, Birsen Gürsoy Türe, Sezer Evecan
Country: Turkey