Binzhou Zhongjun FUN WORLG | China SCE Group | World Design Awards 2021

China SCE Group: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2021. Great rivers come from the sky.
The rolling waves gave birth to the Chinese nation.
All parts of the world paint a wonderful picture.
Beautiful poems come from the north and the south of the Yangtze River.

Binzhou Zhongjun Fun World takes Binzhou water culture as the medium, combined with the embellishment of art sculpture, creating a bridge into a road, flowing water, while taking advantage of the eight scenes of Binzhou nostalgic sentiment, depicting a poetic art life scroll of retrospective fairyland.

Site Analysis

This case is located in Binzhou Xincheng District Zhonghai District, close to Zhonghai Lake Scenic Area. Its block planning is dominated by high-end residential areas, gathering top educational resources and high-end consumer groups in the city. The demonstration area covers an area of 6088 square meters. According to the property of the building and the demands of Party A, the semi-open layout is designed to display the perfect combination of landscape and architecture.

The theme of the landscape: the estate with the running water creates five poetic scenes and a colorful art city. We divide the site into five functional spaces, where you can experience distance viewing, water viewing, paddling, seeking and immersion. 

The design uses the interplay and combination of blocks to create a large open space. Traditional Chinese gardening techniques such as framing, pairing, and leaky windows are used to enrich the spatial layers and create a variety of light and shadow changes. The waterscape is designed in various forms such as jumping, falling, and surging and combined with the sound of water flow as if playing a symphony of devotion.

The design of materials, blocks, heights, sizes, and other details have also been repeatedly refined; the courtyard space uses frosted glass, which seems to be transparent but not transparent, and perforated aluminum panels combined with lights to create a starry sky, the theme sculpture is suspended above the water platform, which is the highlight of the whole interface, using the color combination of red, black, gray and white, which is more recognizable and memorable.

We reserved an open lawn space in the site to be used as a compound function site.  We can talk on the wooden deck or arrange exhibitions on the lawn.  Art can often give people infinite daydream space, and color can make people feel happy. When we designed this open lawn space, we combined the art wall with the theme of “A View of the Lake”, and fixed it on the background wall with Calorboard through the collage of different colors to form the texture of water ripples, making it the focal point of the space. 

In the design, we match the trees and shrubs to make the single space full of changes. The ornament of lawn lights gives the space a strong sense of atmosphere.

Project Details
China SCE Group

Project Name
Binzhou Zhongjun FUN WORLG

China SCE Group

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Huanghe 8th Road, Binzhou City, Shandong Province

China SCE Group


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