Broadwalk Beach by Majed Abu Seif | World Design Awards 2020

Majed Abu Seif: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. Gold Coast is a coastal city with 52 kilometers of golden beaches and is considered a world leader in coastal management. Although  Gold Coast beaches are not in the lists of Top 10 rankings for the most beautiful beaches worldwide. This project is proposed to deliver a new coastal experience, which may lead the Gold Coast beaches to reach the top 10 worldwide rankings. The unique aspects of this project are that users will experience both ocean water and still water, which are linked together with a precinct that accommodates different entertaining activities. 

Moreover, to add more significant meaning to this experience, research was conducted to identify what could be added in the Gold Coast to improve the coastal experience. Some coastal activities are missing in the Gold Coast because of its unique character, where beaches are only for public use, which prevent it from having a developed project to host these functions directly on the beachfront. However, the selected site is located on the Broadwater, and it is very close to the ocean as well, which can deliver this experience sufficiently. 

Research background 
A research was conducted to find what could be added in the Gold Coast to improve the coastal experience. The top 10 worldwide beaches and the top 10 beaches in the Gold Coast were investigated to find what is their significance and then compared the findings to see what is the functions and activities available in the top worldwide beaches and still are missing in the Gold Coast. Besides, how these activities could be implemented in the Gold Coast to contribute to improving the coastal experience, this proposed project is hosting the functions of the finding of the conducted research. As well as this, other features were extracted from The Southport Spit Master Plan after they investigated the local’s needs and released the master plan draft for the Spit area. The project is aiming to achieve a new and unique coastal experience that is built on the local needs and increase the significance of the Gold Coast’s coastal experience based on the previous research findings. 

The Australian Government is spending millions of dollars on promoting and maintaining the Gold Coast as a coastal destination. In August 2017, they announced the Spit master plan to investigate how to develop this critical location and add a new experience to the Gold Coast, while preserving its unique character without adding any high rises. This also helps preserve the greenery in this location.

Research Contribution  
The knowledge gained from the research showed a variety of different needs for coastal destination seekers as well as how the negative impact can be reduced when merging with the parklands and the rooftop gardens. The design response employed these design methods to improve the proposed buildings’ sustainability and reduce the negative impact on the development to fit with the unique character of the selected site. Also, critically analysing the required functions to provide a significant experience for the project users from different ages and backgrounds. The buildings of this project were buried under the landscape, surrounded by dunes, and they opened and noticeable only from the engagement area with the precinct users, which increases the green spaces significantly, provides a unique experience between the ocean and the Broadwater with a unique experience, and respects the location and community needs and aims for the Spit.  

Research outcome 
This kind of experience rarely exists worldwide, but it was straightforwardly implemented in this location based on its superior character. The designed precinct has the following qualities and features: 

  • It links the ocean and Broadwater by an organized and secure connection. 
  • It hosts all the missing activities identified with the previous research and the local needs based on the Southport Spit Master Plan.
  • The project’s buildings are buried under the landscape. This enlarges the Parklands area in the project at around three times compared with the Southport Spit Master Plan proposal and its slightly more the existing conditions. 
  • Significant improvements in the links to the project.

It merges the project with its context, and it connected strongly with the key tourist destination such as the Spit, Main Beach, Broadwater Parklands, and Seaworld.

Architect: Majed Abu Seif
University: Griffith University

Category: Urban Design Concept
Project Location: Gold Coast
Team: Majed Abu Seif
Country: Australia
Photography ©Credit: Majed Abu Seif

Majed Abuseif is a Ph.D. student at Griffith University, Australia, who is focusing on building sustainability and Integrating greenery with buildings to improve their performance. He has a wide experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Urban Planning. with a rich portfolio in various project types and scales.