Cascade Apartment by Wall Corporation | International Residential Architecture Awards 2019

The project land is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The project land is 1500 square meters.

The building consists of ground + 2 floors. There are 15 apartments in total. There is parking on the floor which is exposed from the slope. The apartments are accessible from the car park.The structure rises by making 1 meter consoles in one direction. These consoles provide a reference to the topography of Rwanda. These consoles, which reach to the attic floor, define the open space by covering the roof terrace in the opposite direction.

The rooftop terrace includes a gym and swimming pool. The floor covering the roof is designed with a space above the pool. This space allows the pool and the sky to touch each other.

International Residential Architecture Awards 2019
Second Award– Category: Residential Concept

Architect: Selim Senin
Firm: Wall Corporation

Project Location: Kigali
Country: Rwanda