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Wong Tung & Partners Limited: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Jianye Headquarters is located on the south side of the Zhengzhou Qinghuayuan Stadium. The site is bounded by Chaofeng Road on the east and Jingnanwufu Road on the south. With proximity to highway, the High-speed Railway Station, and the future subway station; this district has all the infrastructures that are needed to be developed into a major city center.

CCRE Centre is a vibrant office tower within Jianye Headquarters, consisting of offices, restaurants, sky gardens, swimming pools and more. The tower is built with a basement lobby and parking garage. With the high visibility of the site and its prominent location, the new 240m CCRE Centre is designed to be a marquee anchoring this new development district.


The challenge of this project is to design not only a unique tower that can anchor this new development district, but also an icon that can reflect the corporate identity. As described on the company website: “A Corporation in the Society is like a Tree in the Soil”. It is the intent of the design to express the tower, which will be the company’s headquarter, as a metaphor of a tree, in direct reference to the company philosophy.


The design of CCRE Centre takes on a sculptural form that zigzags upward like the tree trunk of the redwood sequoia reaching up the sky with a commanding presence – as an image of growth and prosperity.

The adjacent lot to the north is an existing Qing Hua Yuan Stadium and Zhongyuan Tower. With our district development being a major city centre, we intend to use the scale of the massing design of CCRE Centre, being one of the tallest architectures on the precinct, to also serve as an icon, a symbol and utilitarian way-finding device for the new district, as well as the attractions hidden behind. The facade is then made with everchanging colourful display, becoming an interesting convergence of energies that neighbourhoods would find appealing to.

With visitors travelling at a high speed on Chaofeng Road and Jingnanwufu Road, they will be able to see the tower from afar; the sculptural façade which stands tall in the middle of the development, signifying the new district and giving a strong identity to the area.


The restaurant, functional rooms and swimming pool located in the upper levels are connected to all floors, encouraging a communal working experience for users. Throughout the tower, a series of sky gardens articulate the façade which transforms into an atrium. Functionally, the lobby is provided to make the tower core more efficient; Spatially, it is a garden in the sky, with a panoramic view of the sky. They also bring light and nature into the lift lobbies, making the experience in the tower unique.


The façade is a simple glass and aluminium curtain wall system. The floor-height panel of glass and metal façade is slightly tilted and overlaps the unit below to create a shingling effect that accentuates the horizontal lines. Operable louvres are incorporated into concealed overlap to enhance natural air ventilation; Low-E insulated glass units (IGU) are used for energy efficiency.


The interior of entrance lobby and basement levels is expressed as a series of ribbons that weave like the root system of a tree, creating a vibrant image of vitality. This is further accentuated through the use of skylights and voids which maximises the permeability of natural daylight into the space.


To echo the concept of tree, the “motion of flowing” is used to create an interactive connection, from the façade of the tower to entrance lobby and basement levels.

The glass canopy at the entrances follows the shingling effect of the façade by branching out at the ground level. Such motion is represented by the smooth yet dynamic curves of wood in the interior of the triple-height entrance lobby, blending nature with the man-made.


The organic design of basement lobby and drop-off area resembles the many ripples of the tree. The choice of palette ranges from wood to stone, creating an elegant and grand ambience to users upon arrival.

From building form to building design, each detail is carefully thought as if it were a unified organism. Each member strengthening the other, everything relates to one another, reflecting the symbiotic systems of nature.

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Wong Tung & Partners Limited

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Wong Tung & Partners Limited

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Office Building Concept

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Mr. KC Tam, Mr. Ronald Ng, Ms. Amy Ho, Mr. Quentin Yau, Ms. Helen Lau, Ms. Fiona Lai, Mr. Ivan Yan, Mr. Larkin Yan

Hong Kong

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