Childlike Dream Sales Center | TTA Design Group | World Design Awards 2022

TTA Design Group: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The 2500-square-meter project design includes a lobby, negotiation area, leisure area, and model room area. Different from the traditional luxurious but single-functioned sales center, this project has a practical and flexible function area and catches attention through fascinating interior design. The lobby design is combined with childhood experience, and the architecture is blended with a fantasy world. The childlike furnishings in the lobby attract customers passing by. Taken advantage of the space layout, the lively color matching and decorating furnishings full of childhood memories create an ideal world that is slowly revealed in the sales center. Regarding the negotiation area and leisure area, the overall design is themed with the dream and ideal world.

In the negotiation area, pink is chosen as the palette to create a warm and dreamy atmosphere. Diversified design elements such as sofas of different shapes, abstract and exotic decorations, appropriate lighting, and flowing floors merge together to create a wonderland. In such a futuristic area, everyone is willing to negotiate. The leisure area is designed for family members who come together and need space to take a rest when the negotiation is on. In the leisure area, the three senses of future, childhood, and dream are combined to make a welcoming space with red and blue colors. This area is the continuation of home; even in the leisure area, customers will experience the comfort and relaxation of home. This design implements the theme of “dream and childhood” from beginning to end. While maintaining the elegance of life, space utilization and practicability have also been maximized. In this design space, even adults can have the happiness of children, and the children will have a space for imagination.

Project Details
TTA Design Group

Winston Wen

Project Name
Childlike Dream Sales Center

World Design Awards Category
Interior and Exhibition Design

Project Location
Yibin, China

Winston Wen


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