Chinoiserie Mansion by HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

HWCD: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. The project is located in the old city of Hangzhou. The design team starts from the cultural heritage of the ancient city of hangzhou, with mountains, water, lotus and Bridges as the inspiration to create this dynamic and quiet experience center.

Mountains overlapping shadows, water sparkling and the form of the lotus through modern technology in the landscape, restore the classical Soviet garden layer by layer progressive sense of space, create a step by step, step by step different visual experience. The metal frame line is outlined on the moire marble, the detail of the exquisite painting makes the rich sense of layers in the large space. Stylist uses contemporary simple sense and gimmick, have artistic ground to depict the literati ink spirit that gives millennial circulation extremely.

The teahouse is built above the water, with transparent glass facade pattern and cool reflection.

Water wave by shadow, close look at the posture of caslow printed in the water, far look at the bustling city scene.

The overlapping line on the landing screen is like a hill to rise and fall, crystal droplight model is like water drop to enter lake to arouse layer upon layer ripple, ingot the modern Oriental aesthetics that shows atmosphere completely between a tile.

In the design process of symbol elements, “lotus” as the traditional representative of west lake characteristics and Oriental connotation is extracted in large quantities, into a symbol vein interspersed in the entire sales office space.

Combine the technique of contemporary make to order, decorate integral space while have a story sex more.

On the collocation of soft outfit, chair evolves by Chinese style arm-chair and come, keep the bone vein of traditional furniture vigorous, add contemporary soft bag craft and colour, the fundamental key that bears Oriental lasting appeal.

The design of the project takes the tradition and presents the trend of the contemporary era. The elegance originates from the clear air endowed by nature to this blessed land of xiaoshan.

Through the transformation and expression of the space scene, the designer interprets the sensory temperament of the life experience.With modern language to create multiple space overlapping slender picture scroll, spread into the future of life vision.

Firm: HWCD
Architect: HWCD
Category: Public Building Interior Built

Project Location: Hangzhou
Team: Lin Hongjun, Jin Ming, Feng Jiaxi, Wei Peng, Wang Zimu, Nie Haiming, Huang Chaoyuan
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: JIN XUANMIN

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