Cieślik’s barge by FW Anta Studio Architektoniczne Daniel Cieślik | World Design Awards 2020

FW Anta Studio Architektoniczne Daniel Cieślik: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. Innovative, surprising, ecological house combining modernity and tradition.

Extensive, comfortable one-story building, with a total usable area of 310m2 ,

Surrounded by ponds, located near Częstochowa , in the picturesque town of Kopiec.

Designed on the west side in such a way that all windows from each room have a view of the water. Huge glazing, natural finishing materials such as wood and reed, witch covered the roof and part of the facade, were used.

  The Cieślik Barge is a response to the growing pace of life. This is a home – asylum – where you can find balance, security and peace. The house is inscribed in a picturesque landscape like

a boat moored on the banks of a pond. Modern and romantic at the same time. The concept of the house was created in 2015.

It is a contemporary shape combining an innovative view of architecture with respect for tradition and surrounding nature. Fluttering in the wind, growing on the banks of the ponds- reed- has become an inspiration to implement this material for construction. In this way, the roof and part of the facade were covered with healthy, breathable, natural, having very good thermal insulation properties material – reed. In winter, it protects the interior from cooling down, and in the summer from excessive heating.

Extensive one-story building – a form reminiscent of sails. All windows from each room are facing the pond. Impressive glazing is like a frame of a vivid picture whose beauty will change with the seasons to come.

Firm: FW Anta Studio Architektoniczne Daniel Cieślik
Architects: Daniel Cieślik
Category: Residential Build
Project Location: Biała near to Częstochowa
Team: Susan Strauss

Country: Poland
Photography ©Credit: Kamil Dzioba

In 2003 the architectural studio Anta Architekci was established in the city of Częstochowa It was brought to life by Daniel Cieślik

Less than two years earlier, he obtained a diploma of the Architecture Faculty at the Cracow University of Technology and the international diploma of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) With great fondness and tongue in cheek he recalls the beginnings of the studio in the basement of his grandfather From that moment on, many things change … The workshop is quickly appreciated by the industry and gains the recognition of investors.