City Time by Harmony World Consultant and Design HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

Harmony World Consultant and Design HWCD: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. As the capital of 13 dynasties, Xian is a very cultural and historic city. The project is located in Xian’s new area. As a new industrial base and pilot area, it is a new and potential place in Xian in the future. Another name of Xian is the city of phoenix. The designer takes phoenix, an element closely related to Xian culture, as the source of design inspiration, and integrates phoenix’s noble and clean reiki into the interior to achieve artistic transformation and sublimation of space atmosphere.

Phoenix meaning vibrant and a new start. Artistic droplight extracts the modeling of fan and wing, designs the modeling when phoenix flutters with abstract artistic technique. As soon as you step into space, you will feel the unique cultural atmosphere and artistic atmosphere.
Wind shadow pieces of the wings, slowly turning into a flame-like general full of vitality and hope of the dance. The device made of the material of the light and thin glass steel presents the modern artistic quality, which implies the persistent pursuit of hard work, self-improvement, and pioneering spirit.

The designer lifelike restored the moment of phoenix’s flying, vivid and beautiful as if to find the entrance of the mythical world. The combination droplight of the sheet, extract from phoenix fine feather silk, and its abstracted ground artistic processing. Combined with the projection of light and shadow on the top, it interprets the lightness and beauty of feathers from different angles, increasing the inner spirit of the whole space.

The designer will represent Xian a touch of vermillion red application in the depth of the negotiation room, just as the pen, smart and elegant. The use of ink painting and modern art carpet, soft and rigid ground to cooperate with each other. Inadvertently reveal the elegance and charm of the city.


Firm: HWCD
Architects: HWCD
Category: Corporate Interior Built
Project Location: Xian
Team: Dong Jiabei, Liu Qiong

Country: Rwanda
Photography ©Credit: HWCD

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