CIVIN TREASURE CITY | GND N+ DESIGN | World Design Awards 2022

GND N+ DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Treasure Art Gallery is located in Longgang, Shenzhen. The project creates a real sense of living in a treasure community for the future residents. While integrating art into daily life, it brings the warmth of craftsmanship into the space, and firmly changes the traditional mode of real estate sales centers. The design has not only built artistic scenarios, but also guide the mood of contemporary urbanites with the real and simple craftsman’s temperature to enjoy an advanced cultural experience.

The key points of this design are as follows: ①Combining the interior style and project positioning to create a high-quality space experience; ②Constructing a lifestyle with themed modules, which has become an important breakthrough point in the design; ③Overlapping art and social interaction to achieve a novel experience exploration; ④Integrating contemporary styling arts to welcome surprises and demonstrate characteristics.

Therefore, in the performance of decoration colors, the light-colored washed wood furniture is mainly considered, with clean beige color and a large area of vivid orange color, and some plant green color is added with flowing vitality, enriching the layers and connotation of the space.

The entrance utilizes bubble-shaped microscopic plants, tree-shaped lights, and real reed grass to set off the atmosphere. It is like a label, an opening sentence which can be romantic even being alone at the dawn.

Reception 丨 Inspired by the design of iron wire craftsmanship, the creation is carried out with a special wire body instead of heavy iron art and linear winding techniques, and the natural picture “Looking Deeply, Dense Leaves Glittering Between the Branches” creates various light and dark connections with varying degrees of cutting, forming an artistic scene where the virtual and the real coexist, bringing a restrained and elegant transition effect both visually and spatially.

New Social 丨 The highlight of this area is that it does not use ordinary tables to highlight the space, but uses natural curves to connect various circles which is a metaphor of social circles. While making full use of space, the combination of circles creates a new distance and relationship between people.

The designer turned the long table area into an art corridor, where artworks are placed on the countertops. Even as technology advances in the future, we still need to use “art” and “nature” to support our life and feel the cherished objects around us.

Coffee Bar丨The design creates a brand-new lifestyle scenario with the coffee bar which has overturned the traditional meeting mode. The cabinet displays the development process of coffee beans, and the colors are from light to dark, forming a clean and meaningful decorative wall.

The booth丨The fast fashion attribute is introduced into this space, so that customers can feel more relaxed. Also, the ‘cat’ element was integrated into the design in the early stage of creation, so that the bright orange color and the naughty cat pattern fills this urban space with the spirit of youth and vitality.

The space is transformed to an imaginative planet for people who love cats. According to effective statistics, “Humans can relieve their emotions and stay calm when they ‘touch’ cats.” Cats live leisurely in a breathable cabin, and people can get close to interact with them intimately. The exclusive pleasure of playing with cats is simply irresistible.

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Commercial Interior Built

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Dang Yaoyao,Chen Jingchun


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