Conghua Yajule Binjiang Yayuan Sales Department | Kenmoto | World Design Awards 2022

Kenmoto: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Yaju Le Binjiang Yayuan is located on the Tropic of cancer in Conghua, Guangzhou. This line outside the sensible world is the product of the star moving from the axis track. The whole project is run through by the Tropic of cancer and extends indoors from the garden. Therefore, we intervene in the project itself from the perspective of cosmology and extract the key words: “track, evolution, time, light and shadow”.

Project Details


Project Name
Conghua Yajule Binjiang Yayuan Sales Department

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built – Spa & Fitness

Project Location
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province



Photography ©Credit
©YongMao Li

Kenmoto is a professional design service provider. It is created by a group of people who focus on design and have been engaged in the design field for more than ten years. The company implements the business partner system, and its business involves residential real estate, brand chain, exhibition, hotel apartment, commercial office, etc. We research and develop design as a product, pay attention to function and operation, and take the creation of space aesthetic scene as the design concept; In the design process, constantly explore the order of space and dig the best expression of theme; To shape and interpret space! At the same time, we pay attention to the process implementation and cost control of space. Strive to maximize the realization of the original idea.