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Z ONE⁺: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. This project is located in Shunde, Foshan, China, with an area of 125 sq.m. The designers aim to uncover the live logic of space, with function at the center, in order to make the place more user-friendly and dynamic.

Looking around, you’ll see that the living area is cosy, serene, and warm thanks to the soft lighting, sunshine as well as the comfortable couches, carpets, and pillows. Storage is also a necessity in our daily lives. Therefore, electronic products such as remote controls and tablets are stored in walls for convenience and modern design.

With a transparent structure, the dining area exudes an air of elegance. Besides, 24 sets of complete watch movements and hundreds of machine parts demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship in the study.

In the roomy master bedroom, paintings and greenery clash, highlighting the artistic beauty. Moreover, children can feel warm and secure by the collision of the crystal cream color and big orange cat, along with specially designed lighting, and cotton-made bedding.

As a result of these efforts, the house embraces simplicity, aesthetic elegance, comfort, and freedom.

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Chengchao Wang

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CR Land · R-Home

Residential Built

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Chengchao Wang


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©Jianzhong Chen, Minghang Zhong

Founded in Shenzhen, Z ONE⁺ has engaged in various fields including real-estate, commerce, office and residential fields. Adhering to a user-centred product perspective, it pursues the real life needs behind the products, providing customers with integrated solutions for hard, soft and lighting design in sales offices, model houses, refined decoration standard research and development, public area overhead clubhouses, commercial offices and private residences, etc.

We strive to gain insight into the essence of life and meet the value demands of our clients more than expected by evaluating horizontally and deducing vertically based on the three-dimensional integrated logic of research, design and verification.