Crece tu Casa | Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos | World Design Awards 2021

Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. Crece tu Casa, which means “grow your house”, is a sustainable and dignified social housing proposal focused on bioconstruction with bamboo, earth and straw. More than just a prototype, it is a construction scheme that seeks to be an inspiration and a catalyst for change. The model is ecological, low-cost and completely adaptable. The building techniques used are easy to learn, tools are simple, and materials are accessible. The objective is to transmit the knowledge of sustainable construction among the communities, so that they can build their own houses and Crece tu Casa can be the seed of an independent movement led by the members of the communities.

The project is articulated through a modular architecture and easy-to-assemble trusses. This optimizes resources, costs and times, and makes it adaptable to different climates, contexts and materials available in each area. For this, different materials for the walls are proposed: bahareque, BTC, straw and pamacon. The main structural material is always bamboo, which offers many design advantages, grows in abundance in different environments, and in the process regenerates the soil and cleans the air.

The houses rescue the essence of traditional Mexican architecture: they provide beauty, color and spacious areas that allow a dignified life for low-income people. They have the potential to improve the quality of life of the population and promote balance with their natural and cultural context.

Project Details
Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos

Project Name
Crece tu Casa 

Lucila Aguilar

World Design Awards Category
Housing Built

Project Location

Miguel A. Vargas Cruz, Bolivar E. García Miranda, Jörg Stamm, Lucila Aguilar


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©Lucila Aguilar 

Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos is a firm in Mexico City that strives to serve the earth through an architecture that leads towards a socially conscious and sustainable future. It aims to find balance with nature using bamboo as a structure; understanding it’s capability to integrate into the natural cycles, taking advantage of its strength, lightness and flexibility.

Since the firm was founded in 2016, it has received many recognitions and participated in some of the most important architecture exhibitions and forums worldwide. Demonstrating that with creativity and innovation, natural materials and artisan processes can be the solution for a promising future.