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Zhongshe Engineering Consulting (Chongqing) Co., Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. For Guiyang people, Huaxi District is like the backyard garden of the city, boasting rich cultural context and charming landscapes;
For Guiyang people, Huaxi District is an ideal place to live in, evoking imagination about beautiful life;
For Guiyang people, Huaxi District gives the city an impressive introduction.

ShiliHetan Wetland Park on the south of Guiyang enjoys convenient transportation, intoxicating wetland landscapes, sufficient educational resources, profound cultural context, and prosperous transit-oriented commercial clusters. Also, here lies the immersive residential community Dream Residence developed by China Railway Construction Corporation Limited.

Surrounded by mountains and waterscape, the project embraces excellent natural resources. Multi-dimensional artificial scenes integrate with natural views of mountain, forest and valley, echoing each other. Situated in a city embraced by scenic mountains and clear water, the project, whose east side adjoins ShiliHetan Wetland Park, takes the design concept of “vertical urban garden” to create the first green residential community in Huaxi District, where dwellers can enjoy intoxicating sceneries and experience art as well. The design is intended to erect a poetic and livable urban-park-like residential development, by enhancing the ecological environment on the site, connecting with the regional core, enlivening the city, establishing a dialogue between the city and nature, and forming human-scale-friendly spaces. Furthermore, the design team makes the best of local rich cultural resources to link with the local history and memories, arrange distinctive cultural nodes, generate cultural ties and improve living quality.

When people wandering west from ShiliHetan Wetland Park, Sky Island Art Center comes into view, which is the brand aesthetics venue of the project. The Sky Island Art Center and landscaped platform narrate intriguing stories about artistic life in a picturesque ecological setting complemented by intelligent technology. The project is positioned as an understated luxury residential community. For the purpose of maximizing the introduction of local charming landscapes, T2-type and T3-type upscale high-rise apartments are organized around the ShiliHetan Wetland Park, while T4-type ones are set behind for bringing in two-way views. Enclosed by high-rise residential buildings, a super large atrium space comes into being. Low-rise residential buildings are set on the west side of high-rise ones, linking with the wetland park. Such a clear layout allows the site to accommodate multiple apartment types, hence providing more choices for various property buyer groups with different living needs. Not only the layout is clear, but also the product line coverage within the first opening range is rich, providing favorite products for a variety of customer groups.

Besides, based on the core thinking on urban development, for the sake of strengthening the beneficial impact of convenient transportation on the site’s core competitiveness, the project starts from the master spatial planning, and meanwhile details the industrial planning and commercial development scheme. The design team subtly combined transfer mode, three-dimensional transportation and traffic station, making the rail transit station Huaxi Park a strong support for the project. Sky Island Art Center acts like an entrance gate leading the station Huaxi Park, and it is also a significant node for changing to public bus, metro, or community shared bus. Through the landscape bridge, people can go to ShiliHetan Wetland Park. In this way, the project realizes the perfect fusion among rail transit station, buildings and environment. Centered on the station Huaxi Park, the project creates a wonderful community that integrates commerce, office, residence, leisure and entertainment.

Project Details
Zhongshe Engineering Consulting (Chongqing) Co., Ltd

Zeng Yi, Li Jian

Project Name
Dream Residence

World Design Awards Category
Residential Concept

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Zeng Yi, Li Jian, Yang Xingjun, Yu Yue, Chen Xiao, Ren Xiaoya, Huo Yang, Jiang Kefan, Chen Tao, Qin Hongwei


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