Ed. Oscar Santos Emboaba | Perkins&Will | World Design Awards 2022

Perkins&Will: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Oscar Santos Emboaba has a rectangular shape due to the dimensions of the site and positioning of the tower centered in space. The core is located laterally, resulting in a wide slab that is easy to occupy, and can be divided into 2 sets with the same characteristics without privileging one side or the other of the space. The terraces move dynamically creating an interesting volume with a striking shape. Gardens take place on all terraces, guaranteeing access to a quality area for the users of the complex. Under the frames of the main facade, an element was created that refers to a closet that expands the occupied space and contributes to the flexibility of use.

The program is of mixed use, with 16 floors of corporate slabs from 300 to 600 sqm, ground floor with 2 active facades with approximately 840.00 sqm. 3 basements with a total of 107 spaces. The corporate building has 04 social elevators, two emergency stairs and the slab can be divided into 2 corporate sets. Each corporate unit has a set of male and female restrooms, in addition to an accessible restroom and pantry, an area for DML and a technical area for air conditioning equipment. The floor plan type allows different types of occupation and layout, it is a flexible floor plan without structural interference allowing different uses. The set can be divided into 2 parts with the same quality of space and visuals.

Solid slab without intermediate beams facilitates the occupation and distribution of spaces and users, ensuring superior acoustic comfort – 10 cm raised floor contributing to a possibility of occupation and diverse layout, use of high performance and acoustic frames. The abundant amount of clearer high-performance windows and frames contributes to the connection of the internal environment with the external environment. The frames open providing natural ventilation – contact with the outside, planter bringing biophilia to the building.

The building has water saving systems, flow restrictors, double activation basins, presence sensor – in short, good market practices seeking the rational use of natural resources. There is a reserve of water for reuse and use in green areas and floor washing. Frames and high-performance glass aimed at saving the use of air conditioning.

The building is located in Pinheiros, close to the access to the Fradique Coutinho and Faria Lima subway stations, which guarantees easy access to public transport, bringing mobility to the users of the building. The building has space for a bike rack with the support of complete changing rooms, further encouraging the use of alternative and low-impact urban transport.

Project Details

Douglas Tolaine

Project Name
Ed. Oscar Santos Emboaba

World Design Awards Category
Office Building Concept

Project Location
São Paulo

Douglas Tolaine, Fernando Vidal, Gustavo Masotti, Tiago Ferrari, Fatima Oliveira, Guilherme Ramalho, Deborah Sayao, Jayne Pacheco, Gabriel Freitas, Fernando Afonso


Photography ©Credit


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