EQT by Studio Stockholm | World Design Awards 2020

Studio Stockholm: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. Studio Stockholm has been working with global investment organisation EQT since 2016 and is today the concept architect for all of EQT’s global offices. Their latest project together is the most ambitious to date – the design and development of EQT’s new 5,800 square-metre headquarters. No expense was spared on this international showpiece, representing one of Northern Europe’s first private equity firms. The premises were re-designed from scratch, with meticulous attention to detail and only the finest, high quality natural materials were used. These raw materials were then handcrafted and refined into more advanced forms, in a concept that mirrors EQT’s role of refining and transforming companies. This growing company’s headquarters exude a professionalism and timelessness that is symbolic of EQT’s long-term approach when it comes to its investments.

Studio Stockholm have created a design concept based on EQT’s shift towards more transparency and openness, by removing silos within the company and having a more flexible and open way of working, as well as an international concept suitable for EQT’s global clients and teams that exudes stability and success.

A challenge has been to interpret the right mood aesthetically while ensuring high functionality and a very high level of security, which has been solved by this new concept: where support functions are gathered in the middle of the premises, surrounded by open lounges and workspaces that become successively more transparent towards the façade. Silos have been removed and employees are working over borders with one single culture, due to the dynamics of a more open physical space.

Studio Stockholm has produced a new brand manual for building or remodelling EQT’s other offices worldwide and will apply the new way of working to EQT’s international sites in America, Europe and Asia. In addition to designing EQT’s head office, Studio Stockholm has designed EQT’s Luxembourg and Singapore offices and is currently working on the Madrid and Paris offices.

Firm: Studio Stockholm
Architects: Marco Checchi
Category: Office Building Built
Project Location: Stockholm
Team: Marco Checchi Sonya Simmonds Erik Barnes Karolina Nyström Axel Bjurström

Country: Sweden
Photography ©Credit: Studio Stockholm

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