Fengxian Kindergarten Of Shanghai | ANTAO | World Design Awards 2021

ANTAO: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. THE BOX – A Gift Box For Children The building form adopts 14mX14m standardized module square box, in the form of a gift box of nine scattered blocks, to meet the special needs of different functional spaces of the kindergarten. Each volume rotates at a specific angle to form a rich and varied public space, and forms an orderly array of volumes on the facade.

THE ATRIUM – An All-Weather Paradise

The intersection of the square boxes forms interesting spatial forms, and the four-story double-height atrium becomes the core of the interior space of the building. The skylight on the side of the roof brings the outdoor light into the atrium, forming a good natural ventilation and lighting, where the children can enjoy the sunshine. The inner corridor is connected with the atrium, and the size of the spaces are integrated with each other, providing an indoor activity space for children, creating an all-weather children’s playground.

THE GARDEN – Nature Is The Best Playmate

Luis Barragán said that “a garden should be a mixture of poetry, mystery, peace and joy”. Nature is an indispensable playmate for the children’s growth. A free environment in nature can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, and also can release their nature. In our design, the “garden” is taken as the focus of the design. From the courtyard garden to the roof garden and then to the indoor garden, the spaces for children to contact with nature will be unrestricted and fully feel the vitality of nature.

THE MATERIALS – Dialogue Between Architecture And Nature

The organic combination of red bricks and glass is used in the building materials, which forms rich virtual and real changes. The square building forms and the circular facade windows are arranged and repeated in an orderly manner, thus producing the beauty of rhythm. The red color of buildings and the large areas of windows contribute to the interaction of architecture and nature, creating a comfortable paradise for children.

Project Details

Project Name
Fengxian Kindergarten Of Shanghai


World Design Awards Category
Educational Design concept

Project Location

Xiaofei Zhu, Juxia Zhao, Jingge Zhang, Qing Ma, Han Wu, Lili Bei, Kaige Li


Photography ©Credit

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