French Romance | Botanic Ark Design | World Design Awards 2023

Botanic Ark Design: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2023. Botanic Ark Design Team were assigned to design an apartment in New Territories Hong Kong for a family with two lovely daughters. The owner couple Mr. & Mrs. Zhao wishes the beautiful and spacious sea view can accompany the kids to grow and act as icing on the cake for the family.

Base on basis of simple French style, designer Sean Echo Wong used different materials, lines and shapes with undertone colours, added with colorful climbing boards and cute castles to create a princess house which full of love. Difference scenery appears with each step.

Since there is no porch at the entrance in the original layout and the entire living room can be seen at a glance. We use a marble fireplace to divide the boundary between the entrance and living / dining room to make the traffic flow more reasonable. Also, guests can see the warm fire when they enter the door.

Designer added arches to the corridors and doors, echoing the balloon-shaped restaurant lamps and wall lamps, making the lines of the entire dining area soft. The dining table is an enlarged rock slab top, which not only meets the daily needs of small families, but also can be used for large gathering.

The master bedroom is mainly in warm beige tones, spreading the elegant and restrained visual perception in every detail. To create a bright and comfortable living atmosphere, we orient the main scene of life towards the natural scenery with fully functional storage space. The hidden storage cabinet in white, gold, and light wood colors in the room makes the space clean and simple.

The daughters’ room also keeps stylish and functional. In the limited space, we add a climbing wall, castle closet and multifunctional afternoon tea corner, letting the kids to explore the space.

In addition, we reserve multiple functional spaces such as sleeping space for adults and space for learning and reading.

Project Details
Botanic Ark Design

Sean Echo Wong

Project Name
French Romance

World Design Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location
Hong Kong

Botanic Ark Design

Hong Kong

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