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Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The project is located in Hangzhou Fuchun Bay New Town, which belongs to the one-square-kilometer comprehensive development project in the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway area. The total construction area of the project is 43392.8㎡, and the plot ratio is 0.73. The school is currently under construction.

The architectural style of the entire development area is very modern. The primary school occupies a small area, but its educational and cultural attributes are very important. Therefore, its overall design adopts the new Chinese style, and takes ” Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”,which is a famous Chinese Yuan Dynasty painting, as the design background of the architectural form. Integrate the building into the landscape. This method will not destroy the overall appearance of the area, but “put the finishing touch”, as the “cultural responsibility” of the entire future community, forming the shape of landscape, creating the trend of landscape, reflecting the local cultural characteristics of Fuchun landscape.

Key design highlights:

  1. The roof adopts the form of double sloping roof and arc sloping roof to create “landscape eaves”.
  2. The arrangement of the groups is scattered, and the enclosure and retreat of the buildings have laid a good foundation for creating a variety of courtyard spaces. The group space layout draws on the traditional Chinese three-entry courtyard layout, and the distance is “stitched” through the corridor. The widened corridor is a convenient transportation space, as well as an activity and communication space for students and teachers. Each functional area is dislocated in the east-west direction to form courtyard spaces of different scales.
  3. People often use saplings to describe children. The façade design of the campus is inspired by the interlacing of tree shadows in nature. The façade material continues the classical architectural vocabulary of “blue tiles and white walls” in the Jiangnan area.
  4. The key to the landscape design of the campus is to create a condition for “borrowing scenery in four seasons”. Through the courtyard, framed scene and facade image echo, a picturesque four-season garden is created.
  5. In order to cope with the rainy season in the southern region of the Yangtze River, the construction project adopts permeable pavement, rainwater regulation and storage ponds, etc. to control the total amount of rainwater runoff to effectively reduce rainwater runoff pollution.

Project Details
Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd

Yi Lu

Project Name
Fuyang Jingwei Road Primary School

World Design Awards Category
Cultural Concept

Project Location
Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd


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