GASEA-The Cliff House || Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute : Honorable Mention of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The architecture is located in Taiwan. The east of the architecture faces Pacific cliff, so there is an excellent view of sea, and the west side of the coastal mountains, the sunshine will become weak after 3 pm, so the facades of the building use different types of glass, and there is a lot of trees in the building-related position in consideration of the sunshine, and trees are planted in the interior of the building, expecting the greatest light source and making the visual penetration with the natural.

The development of the building is derived from the eastern mountain, and then converted into a plan, and the organic curve is close to nature for the development of the building. The roof use “STO waterproof insulation system”, by 10 cm insulation layer, the average roof heat transfer rate (Ui) can be reduced. The main body of the building is built by RC concrete structure and steel structure. A lot of glass materials are used for the outer wall panel and the cubicle. Through the U-shaped glass can achieve light transmission and privacy, and fixed glass is to increase the connection and visibility between indoor and outdoor space; the opening window not only provide ventilation, but also to strengthen the user’s proximity to the pool, and the panoramic views of the sea outside the window can be enjoyed, so that residents can feel the interior timing and lighting changes. The metal materials are mainly Aluminum. The iron materials are used inside to enhance the strength of the structure, corresponding to the typhoon and the northeast monsoon, and the powder coating is used outside to resist corrosion from the sea breeze.

The design focuses on the arrangement of space, the gallery is linked with the route between guest room, pool and hall. After the events are finished, every space can obtain its own privacy. The second floor is designed by the idea of “overlooking”, which is expresses geometric shape. Two floors are connected by large atrium space indoor to challenge the regular outlook and closed floors of modern architecture.

Firm || Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Project Name || GASEA-The Cliff House
Architect || Keng-Fu Lo
Architect of the Year Award Category || Residential Concept

Project Location || Taitung City, Taiwan
Team || Keng-Fu Lo
Country || Taiwan
Photography ©Credit || ©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

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