Giant Lantern Playground at Hong Kong International School by Play Concept Limited | World Design Awards 2020

Play Concept Limited: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. The Giant Lantern Playground at Hong Kong International School is designed for the upper primary students to play and relax during their free time at recess. The two-story playground is occupied the top two floors (7th and 8th floors) of the new campus. The purposes of the playground are to provide physical challenges for the students and let them learn more about Hong Kong’s culture while playing. With these considerations in mind, we gained design inspiration by exploring the everyday street scenes of Hong Kong, incorporating the connection to place that the school desires to engender in students. Therefore, all equipment in the playground is merged with the elements of Hong Kong culture.

The most eye-catching equipment is the 6.3 meters high Giant Lantern Climber. It resembled a traditional red Chinese lantern. It contains ropes, nets, hammocks which provide excellent climbing challenges for children. The Giant Lantern also connects two floors by a net bridge, students can enjoy the excitement while crossing the bridge. On the other side, there is a net platform extended from the Giant Lantern to the wall of the playground. The net platform is around 55 square meters large. It can support approximately 100 children playing on it simultaneously.

It is not an easy task to fix a large net platform on to the wall and the lantern climber. Our team solved the mechanical engineering issues, fixed the installation problems on site, sourced high-quality steel and ropes, and finally created the Giant Lantern Climber for our customer which all students enjoy playing on it.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival is one of the most traditional cultures in Hong Kong. During the festival, a popular activity called Bun Scrambling Contest will be held. The Bun Scrambling players need to climb up to the top of the tower made by buns as fast as they can, in order to win the champion. We make use of this idea to design the Bun Tower Climber. The shape of the climber resembled the bun tower. The climbing holds on the climber imitated the buns with Chinese characters on it. Children can race against each other for ringing the bell on the top of the Bun Tower just like the Bun Scrambling players.

Another climber next to the Giant Lantern is the Scaffolding Climber. The concept of this climber is based on the Hong Kong construction industry. The Scaffolding Climber is a vertical climber connecting two playgrounds. Children can climb from the 7th floor to the 8th floor through the Scaffolding Climber.

On the 8th floor, there is a Bamboo Climber. Bamboo is also a traditional feature in Hong Kong. The climber is made by rope and bamboo like pillars, children can imagine they are climbing throughout the bamboo forest.

Besides the climbers, a ball wall called “Pachinko” is built in the playground. Pachinko is originated in Japan and once-popular in Hong Kong. When you shoot in the ball, it will bounce inside the cage and come out on both sides just like Pachinko.

As indispensable equipment in the playground, a slide will never be missed. The spiral Serpent Slide in the Giant Lantern Playground is two-story high and thrilling. Students can slide down to the 7th floor from the 8th floor.

The playgrounds not only contain play equipment, but also have furniture for resting and relaxing. On the 8th floor near the balcony, there is a relaxing den that includes whimsical furnishings shaped to resemble Hong Kong’s dim sum and a circular “noodle bowl lounge” seating area where groups of friends can gather to socialize. People can also enjoy the sweeping view of the Repulse Bay there.

Firm: Play Concept Limited
Architect: Judie Au
Category: Sports & Recreation Built

Project Location: Hong Kong
Team: Tod Hara, MIG; Rebecca Colbert, MIG; Jack Leung; Faisal Zulkarnaen
Country: Hong Kong
Photography ©Credit: Play Concept Limited

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