Greentown Lunar River by HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

HWCD: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. In the early qing dynasty, there were four “passes” in wuhan: wuchang pass, hanyang chaoguan, hankou zongguan and hanguan.Four guan guan three towns, hankou has its half.Among them, hankou hanguan originally called xiaguan;Zongguan in the upstream, located in hankou town 5 miles west of the han river, is known as shangguan.When the tax collectors get warm in their pockets, they will have the meaning of culture and culture: the first pass of hankou has been closed for wuhan.Isn’t have “jiang han dynasty zong” of elegant say yao?That’s right. Let’s make it a dwelling place.

As the city big framework constantly adjust industrial structure change, great changes have taken place in the modern city space structure, new cities in the development, the old abandoned, through to the old factory to design and innovation, and give it new vitality is now artists and designers constantly challenge themselves to pursue, and give a new life of the old industrial buildings, transformation and utilization of waste plant reasonably, to keep building long-term vitality,and adapt to the changing requirements of city.

Humanity, nature and architecture can be perfectly integrated, bringing the international design ideas into the classic perspective, and the cultures in the interior to produce a dialogue between the ancient and the present.

Firm: HWCD
Architect: HWCD
Category: Commercial Interior Built

Project Location: Wuhan
Team: You Yingying, Ji Bingyan
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: HWCD

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