Greentown Lunar River by HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

HWCD: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. Zhengzhou, an ancient city with a long history and culture precipitation. We want to uncover memories in the chapter, look for the symbol of Zhengzhou city, culture is the beginning of the memory, we collected in the urban element symbols, according to the habits of the people of Zhengzhou, and then return to natural philosophy, from the city to build an environment comfortable and natural space.

The designer integrated elements of light and shadow, self-identification and culture into the project, taking the impression of the city of Zhengzhou as a clue to create an art space with great cultural connotation and modernity.

On indoor structure, the flow that considers a space adequately and space are switched freely, flow is a room, the separated is functional space.
The lobby is made of wood and glass tiles, creating an abstract and flowing artistic impression. Apply a respect in colour, use elegant cream-colored and the green that restore ancient ways, classic restore ancient ways fashionable romance.


Firm: HWCD
Architect: HWCD
Category: Corporate Interior Concept
Project Location: Zhengzhou
Team: Zhang Pei, Ye Fei

Country: China
Photography ©Credit: HWCD

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