Hanai Shrine @ Songkhla | Taweecool Architects | Architect of The Year Awards 2023

Taweecool Architects: Winner of Architect of The Year Awards 2023. The New design of modern Chinese-Thai shrine which with the concept of museum-based spaces in the heritage zone of the city of Songkhla, implanted with in the energy of urbanism. The Hainan shrine @ Songkhla is both, it sits at the Nakorn Nai edge of the historic Songkhla old town. Designed as the new landmark of the city of Songkhla that known for its history of Chinese-inspired architecture and the current revitalization of cultural landscape from the past. While the new building was designed historically with an innovative solution with LCDs (low-cost design solution and low-carbon design sustainability) approach. Together, the new design of Hainan shrine offers an array of programs and spatial experiences-from classic to modern to contemporary, gallery to museum, grand hall and green roof. The result is a true shrine-like museum that integrates art, architecture, nature and culture.

Design: Zero Net energy use

The Hainan Shrine @ Songkhla prioritized the environment in this affordable building. Sustainable goals set in the beginning of the project include:

  • Extensive daylighting throughout with controls
  • Natural cooling and ventilation
  • Use local materials and labor
  • Use materials with high recycled content
  • Reduce quantity of material
  • Significantly reduce construction waste
  • Building commissioning
  • Set goal for net zero energy use

Climate change is leading LCDs concept more urgent and underscoring the impact we have on the hospitality environment and its contexts. It is the great challenge of our time; it is also our great opportunity for architects to design the real architecture with design innovation and design integration. Recognizing design’s impact, Taweecool architects conformed the Paris Pledge for transformation of our global built environment.

Project Details
Taweecool Architects

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng,Ph.D., ASA.

Project Name
Hanai Shrine @ Songkhla

Architect of the Year

Project Location

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng,Ph.D., ASA. Sirichai Tonthong


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