Hangzhou Drigin | HWCD | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

HWCD: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. In this project, the design team integrates modern aesthetics and unique humanistic characteristics of Hangzhou through a simple and modern design vocabulary, and carries out an artistic communication across time and space, releasing the spatial emotion of passion and rationality.

The artistic wall in the front desk area makes the space full of pioneering modern feeling. The soft warm color light belt just neutralizes the cold and harsh feeling brought by the geometric lines, injecting the peaceful temperament into the space.

Large area of white color is used to create a pure and elegant rest area, releasing people’s tired and restless mood. Open floor-to-ceiling Windows bring light into the room, allowing light and shadow to roam freely, creating an interactive atmosphere for negotiations.

In the open and elegant space, enthusiastic red and elegant white blend together to create a positive and beautiful field like sunrise. Different materials, such as leather, marble and cloth, not only show their own texture and characteristics, but also set off each other to build an aesthetic system.

Project Details

Project Name
Hangzhou Drigin


International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Recreation Built

Project Location
Hang Zhou

Xie Xiangyu, Chen Lin, Shi Yujun


Photography ©Credit

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