Hangzhou Qibao Garden City Commerical Complex | team+ design consultant | World Design Awards 2022

team+ design consultant: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Hangzhou Qibao Garden City is a regional commercial center project built on the subway, including a 5-story mall and a 5-story apartment tower, with a total area of 108,000 square meters.The project is located in Hangzhou Genbei New Town plate, which is an important part of Qibao TOD hub.With the design concept of “Cloud Valley Jiuxi / Enjoy life”, the project takes the landscape artistic conception and spatial environment experience of Hangzhou Longjing Tea Mountain and Jiuxi and Eighteen Stream, and creates a magnificent architectural form in accordance with the terrain.

The tea hill garden, combined with the sunken courtyard and dynamic atrium to form a rich and three-dimensional public space.In the high-density urban center, an open and smart urban interface has been formed, creating a unique city landmark with Hangzhou characteristics.Based on the local attributes of the project, it meets people’s internal experience needs, and creates a beautiful experience of “coming straight to the point, going out and enjoying life”.

Project Details
team+ design consultant

Xia Li

Project Name
Hangzhou Qibao Garden City Commerical Complex

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Built

Project Location
Hangzhou, China

Project Team   
Xia Li、Chenghang Xiao、Yi Li、Qingqing Xu、Kangjian Guo、Shuyue Sun、Xinzhu Zhu、Shasha Wang、Lin Li、Yijun Ding、Shaobai Xu、Na Wang、Jie Wang 、Yinshi Cui、Xin Yi


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