Heimat Los Angeles – fitness club | INCO STUDIO | World Design Awards 2022

INCO STUDIO: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. HEIMAT means origin and provenance. HEIMAT is freedom, security, well-being and naturalness. At its core, HEIMAT is nature and the elements from which everything is created.

Back to nature – an immediate state with no “additives”. The origin in nature applies to all living beings and affects everyone equally, across society and culture.

How society deals with this freedom, value and sustainability has changed. The importance of freedom and unrestricted action has increased exponentially and is probably the greatest luxury. Basic values ​​such as freedom, time and health are becoming luxuries. The realization of the finite nature of resources and our biological time has expanded our awareness of this.

The HEIMAT concept connects values ​​with the senses. People should act in the spirit of intergenerational justice, deal sustainably and considerately with nature and resources. Balancing the relationship between urbanity and nature, going back to the source where man is part of nature again.

The harmony of man and nature is based on appreciation and respectful interaction. Materials are valuable, unique, sustainable. The complete and meaningful handling, recycling and upcycling is part of the meaningful, valuable utilization of resources. Example tree: trunk (tabletop), branches (furniture), roots (art), leaves (wallpaper), bark (floor).

The uniqueness of the HEIMAT is reflected in the materials and their processing. Craftsmanship makes this value visible in many ways. Freedom is lived out and demonstrated in all art forms. It doesn’t need reality or specific norms. It is a pure form of freedom and thus an essential part of the spatial concept of the HEIMAT. Works of art are therefore central elements of the room concepts – they symbolize informality and a sense of freedom. But also for freedom of expression and diversity of opinion.

The interior concept by inco.studio shows this multi-sensual approach to dealing with resources and their appreciation. It’s about the materials and their uniqueness, the appreciation of originality through to craftsmanship and combinations, with a thoughtful, holistic approach and the sense of freedom of art. This brings the visitor back to the origin and provenance. The core is nature and the elements that make up everything – the immediate state – HEIMAT.

“You can’t buy the really important things in life.”

Content product conception:

HEIMAT is a private community club that is more than an ordinary gym. It is an environment where all touchpoints of life converge seamlessly. A harmonious and redesigned place where health, comfort and connection are most important. A warm community that feels like family.

HEIMAT brings a new luxury perspective with offerings that merge movement and mindset, enriching body and soul. The sophisticated club is rewriting the rules like no other, defying convention with its immersive world of purpose-built spaces, professional training areas and many more exceptional amenities all under one roof.

This place offers the benefits of physical exercise with the relaxation of a much-needed spa day, the flavors of fine dining and the togetherness of being in the company of other inspiring people. A carefully thought out experience like no other, welcoming those seeking an invigorating fitness experience for every level and lifestyle.

Project Details

Christian Groeschel

Project Name
Heimat Los Angeles – fitness club

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Architecture (Gym & Fitness)

Project Location
Los Angeles

Project Team   
Christian Groeschel, Linn Staschik, Franziska Nemitz, Jill Saager


Photography ©Credit

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