House for living | Saffar Studio | International Architecture Awards 2019

One of the most important achievements of Iranian architecture is making a suitable environment according to the climate, so paying all attention to this basic matter regionalism emerged and the designer used those roles to design a better project. In developing countries with focusing on ecosystem, climate and geography and also cultural interaction as the important factor and paying attention to technology can help us to see new face of the city. By searching in ancient architecture of Iran, we find that houses are designed according to the climate and the needs of people in that area. In hot climate as we see the houses are introverted that cause privacy for them so Hayat-Khaneh project should be designed according to Shushtar climate. Cultural issue and climate should be considered. This project can be discriminate some standards in designing villa in hot climate.

In Hayat-Khaneh project by focusing on local architecture and mixing it with modern architecture, we tried to renovate the identity of Iranian architecture in contrast with modernism. In this project the form is a symbol of 4 seasons. This project can be residential in all seasons of the year. Mobility in this project make it possible for the users to change form extroversion to introversion to cover the needs. Designing concept was so that view is restricted from outside and most of the opening and windows are opened to the central court yard and the natural light gets in by the brick walls.

Architect: Saffar Studio
Spacial Mention – Category: Residential
Project Location: Shushtar
Architect in charge : Ahmad Saffar, Design Team : Niloufar Mahdiloo, Marzieh Estedadi, Nasim Sadeghpour
Country: Iran