House S | BFZ Barrierefreie Zone GmbH | World Design Awards 2022

BFZ Barrierefreie Zone GmbH: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The central element and the heart of this house is the staircase, which by its continuous design connects three floors with a total of five bedrooms, a guest room, two kitchens, living room, game room, TV room and a spa area with sauna. The stair elements are made of corten and burnished steel. Depending on the floor, they have different shapes and elements. The structure of the staircase in the entrance area and a huge mirror, skillfully brings the external scenery into the interior.

The second central element is represented by the two fireplaces, which are found opposite the staircase in the living room area, as well as in the lower floor with the kitchen and dining room. 

The lamp in the living room, designed specifically for this house, adopts the shapes and materials of the fireplace and the wardrobe, which radiates an inviting warmth upon entry thanks to the materials used: leather, wood and corten steel.

Project Details
BFZ Barrierefreie Zone GmbH

Zsolt Szalai

Project Name
House S

World Design Awards Category

Architect of Record
Zoran Bodrozic

BFZ Barrierefreie Zone, AQUAFORM

Studio 2nd art (, ADA Möbelwerke Holding AG

Used Materials:
DuPont Corian®

Oak Wood
Burnished Steel
Corten steel

Project Location

Designer: Zsolt Szalai + BFZ – Team


Photography ©Credit
©Matthias Streibel

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