Huafa International Coast | ART Spring Design Group Shenzhen | World Design Awards 2021

ART Spring Design Group Shenzhen: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. The project is located in the central business district with functions such as exhibitions, offices, commerce, hotels, etc. The site has abundant natural resources (Jialin Mountain) and great regional value (a hot spot for urban development). Facing the water and mountains, the landscape and natural resources form a natural axis.

The landscape design takes “island elements” as the core concept to deliver a fun, interesting, and fantastic tour with the idea of finding a place for the soul between forests and lakes. The design interprets the unique space charm with stylish modern language, and creates a unique high-end residence in Zhuhai.

For the ceremonial space at the entrance, the form of combining shrubs with linear planting is adopted to create the spatial series. The materials echo the architecture. Metal aluminum plate, natural stone, transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, metal grille create a luxurious and peaceful living atmosphere. The landscape design uses linear elements to interpret water flow and enriches the space form. A sense of curiosity is intrigued by the spatial transformation.

The central lawn was raised to create a three-dimensional garden landscape with multiple layers of greening. On a secluded path and under the swaying tree shadows, visitors feel the tranquil beauty of the garden. Cascade, pavilion, and sunken platform are utilized in the central area to create a space with diverse experience of elevation, providing visitors with a richer landscape experience. On the side of the swimming pool, a platform invites people to interact with water and stay. Visitors listen to the gentle sound of water flowing and obtain a peaceful mind.

The design cleverly blends the active and flexible line transitions with the surrounding plants. The contrasting colors like white against the green color of evergreen trees and diverse colors of leafy woods contribute to a fresh and natural feeling. Reflection water surface was also added to enrich the layers of plants and the whole landscape.

The delicate springs on one side are arranged in an orderly manner, creating splashes of water, stirring layers of ripples, and breaking the peace of the reflection water surface with a unique charm.

The play area for children of all ages makes full use of the high and low changes of the original landform to create the undulating slope which makes the space more layered and maximizes the activity space.

Listening to the sound of the wind and birdsong from nature, the residents here forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and stroll in the courtyard. Modern, elegant, tropical, and luxurious…Huafa International Coast has interpreted the texture the cosmopolitan lifestyle, and made the model of urban human settlements of Zhuhai.

Project Details
ART Spring Design Group Shenzhen

Project Name
Huafa International Coast

Sun Jing Wu

World Design Awards Category
Public Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangdong

Liu shun


Photography ©Credit
©Qiu Ripei