I-China American California Michellin-Starred Restaurant | HHD Hong Kong East Holiday International Design Consultants Limited | World Design Awards 2021

HHD Hong Kong East Holiday International Design Consultants Limited: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. i-CHINA is located in San Jose, California, USA. It was designed by Mr. Hong Zhongxuan, the chief designer of HHD·Hong Kong Holiday Oriental International Design Consultants Co., Ltd. It was inspired by the famous royal works handed down in the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) in China: “Thousand Miles” Map of the Country. Designers extract graphics, colors, patterns, royal court stories and other elements from the paintings to create design spaces. The i-CHINA restaurant space focuses on refining and shaping the culture of “rituals” from the five permanent cultures of “rituals, benevolence, justice, wisdom, and faith” in the country of etiquette. The design creates a strong sense of ritual and represents the Respect also implies the great integration of cultures from all over the world, and conveys the common vision of living in a better world.

Each space of i-CHINA tells different oriental myths, colorful and full of charm. The leather and velvet walls, the jewel-like crystal glass columns, the carefully customized palace-style lighting and furniture, all come from the designer’s original design. The water ripple ceiling made of pure steel reflects various spaces, resembling a mirage in the stars, creating a strong sense of oriental mystery, and also showing the designer Hong Zhongxuan’s “Six Yuanci” artistic philosophy. The crystal palace-like bathroom can be called a seven-star. It is luxurious and elegant, full of noble rituals, and conveys the highest respect for users.

The specially designed VIP room for technology video presents an infinite visual feast. i-CHINA is the first fashionable restaurant to use special interactive technology video art. From palace culture to the application of contemporary digital art, this is a six-dimensional interactive experiential restaurant that can realize “time and space travel”. The unique oriental tea art and the design of the bar performance area have increased the various needs of the guests.

The designer uses the space to talk about the integration of world food and culture and technology, creating a borderless visual and food experience, and constructing the unique infinite charm of i-CHINA.

Project Details
HHD Hong Kong East Holiday International Design Consultants Limited

Project Name
I-China American California Michellin-Starred Restaurant

Zhong xuan Hong

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior concept

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HHD Hong Kong East Holiday International Design Consultants Limited


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