iLiv@Grange | Mercurio Design Lab | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Mercurio Design Lab: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. iLiv@Grange, a 16-story residence located at Grange Road, Singapore, is nestled between two high-rise towers. Due to the proximity and height of the neighboring residential complexes, designing the building with a character that would stand out but not aggressively demand attention becomes a challenge. Aside from this, the project was already a work in progress when Mercurio Design Lab (MDL) was appointed to design a structure to match the proposed iconic interior design by Philippe Starck Yoo Studio.

iLiv@Grange, later suggested by the marketing of the property, as had been inspired by the Calla lily, a tropical flower native to southern Africa, has a shape owed more to the female human form ─ think Matisse’s Blue Nude. The representation results in two intersecting elliptical fuses, an intriguing visual enigma that hints at an underlying symbolism ─ perhaps the symbol of infinity or the number eight, which is auspicious in Chinese culture. The highly sensual, volumetric, and curvilinear exterior of iLiv@Grange does not just complement the interiors as required by the brief but also serves to neutralize the scale disadvantage vis-à-vis its neighbors.

The curvilinear feature enhanced by horizontal and vertical elements generates variety and texture, giving the complex a powerful sculptural presence. Its voluptuous image, accentuated by the beautifully curved ribs, leads the eye upwards to the gently folding conclusion above the roofline. In counterpoint with these vertiginous ribs is a horizontal lattice of brown louvers providing privacy and sun screening and accentuating the distinctive nature of the building by creating a sense of unity to the façade.

From inside each apartment, there are apron-like forms that help enhance the scenery, and when combined with the balcony planter boxes, create a sense of being in a house among the trees. While the buildings aim to simulate living in a landed house, with views out to its private garden, it also exhibits the characteristics of a tropical residence. It has a double-glazed facade to reduce sunlight glare and heat gain, has common areas that are naturally ventilated and lit, and with recycled timber used in interior spaces and the public pool deck.

Moreover, the organic make of the iLiv@Grange ensures that every floor plate is different. One elliptical stack consists of maisonettes containing two bedrooms and a double-height living/dining space, while the second stack consists of three-bedroom and studio apartments. There are also two penthouses, each with its spectacular curving pool.

iLiv@Grange, although acquired when it was already a work in progress, is consistent with MDL’s philosophy. It shows a unity of the exterior and interior design where the dynamic sensuality of the outer form blends with the inside, ensuring constant visual stimulation. More importantly, as the architectural design presents a roundish shape form that softens and boosts the introduction of a new structure to the site, iLiv@Grange becomes a beholding sight, one that stands out among its neighbors.

Project Details
Mercurio Design Lab

Project Name

Massimo Mercurio

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Multi- Family

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Kimberly Liu


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