Imperial Park | Kris Lin International Design | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Kris Lin International Design: Second Prize of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. The project is adjacent to shenzhen bay on the east, marina promenade on the south and the sea view of shenzhen bay on the south, nuwa marina park on the west, culture and art center, Hilton Hotel on the north, ring ship square on the North, overlooking the big south mountain, facing the sea on the back of the mountain, surrounded by the city, with excellent location. With coastal leisure city, shenzhen “international business card” laudatory name.

Advocate the interactive sex of the space and connect appear a gender, the glass window that used large area in design process, build a kind of halcyon, comfortable, quiet household aesthetic feeling.This is a luxury project.

Project Details
Kris Lin International Design

Project Name
Imperial Park

Kris Lin

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Interior

Project Location

Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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©Kris Lin International Design

In Shanghai, so far, KLID has been 17 years, Our company can take “architectural design” “interior design” landscape” and “soft outfit design and soft outfit” four integrated design firm, adhering to the “KLID” design philosophy, the pursuit of design works, and always keep a special style of building, landscape, interior by KRIS LIN of director personally, soft outfit by the JIAYU YANG director personally. See the world with an open mind and bring millions of ideas with a new vision. Every observant person adheres to this objective and creates more amazing works. The next work will be better.