Jiujiang Zhonghai International Community B7 | Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.: Runner-Up of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The client is a businesswoman who needed a cozy home, convenient transportation and also a hidden environment that can heal the body and mind. The residence is located at the highway exit of Tainan City, which brings the advantages of convenient transportation. The property was created to be a space of happiness. The building’s suspension and facades do not need open windows to solve the problem of the intense western sun. The living space is surrounded by a planted landscape courtyard. The natural light penetration in the space shows that the black and white cubes implement the owner’s minimalistic philosophy. The façade and landscape garden weave into the natural and sensual requirements of life.

The low-density entrance of the property allows the natural landscape planting to become a part of life. The light enters the space and adds perspective using U-shaped glass as a barrier to the facade, so that indoor and outdoor feelings about space add a sense of privacy. The natural penetration of light and shadow over time, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural grass slope, and tree layer combine to show the movement of light and shadow. They become a part of daily life. The simplicity of the building greatly reduces interior decoration and the choice of materials to reduce carbon emissions. A large number of non-reflective decorative materials allow light and shadow to stay in the space without causing random scattering artificial light sources. During the change between day and night, people living in the space can feel the conversion of light.

The rectangular model breaks the traditional concept of residential architecture, while providing privacy for individuals. The interior design maintains a consistent minimalist style. The simplistic living space surrounded by the green environment cherishes the beauty of living in the present. Nothing is more important than to live in this moment and be satisfied with what you already have in your own environment.

The tree species planted in a courtyard, maintains the ideal of species diversity and preserves the ecological environment. Local species were used to create a layer of greenery, taking into account the adaptability of climate and ecological environment. Reducing the need for excess carbon emissions. The idea for this house was inspired by the story of the client and their desires for the future. It hopes to be a home that caters to every desire without being a burden on the local environment. A place where the client can relax and reenergize for another day in the busy Taiwan corporate environment.

Project Details
Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Raynon Chiu

Project Name
Jiujiang Zhonghai International Community B7

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Raynon Chiu, Lei Yi, Zhiqiang Xiao, Sumei Chen, Chunliu Gong, Sheng Wang


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