Kangwon-Wonju Innovation City || Urban & Site Development Design Lab. Dept. of Urban Engineering &Planning, Yonsei University. Seoul, Korea || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

Urban & Site Development Design Lab. Dept. of Urban Engineering &Planning, Yonsei University. Seoul, Korea: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The imbalance in development across the country has deepened over the past 40 years as the nation’s public institutions are concentrated in Seoul and the metropolitan area. For the balanced development of the national territory, 10 new innovative cities were designated across the country, and public institutions were relocated to each region. A total of 12 public institutions (11 including Korea Tourism Organization-Health & Life, Resource Development, Tourism, Public Service) moved to Gangwon-Wonju Innovation City (total development area: 3,458,000㎡) located in Wonju,

The urban design of Wonju Innovative City was designed for the following seven values: 1) Accessibility was strengthened to ensure that the relationship between individuals and nature was as close as possible by embracing the paradigm of the new era. 2) More than 90% of the roads were designed to be curved, and only 10% of the roads were formed as straightened roads so that the changes in landscape could be enjoyed along the roads. 3) In order to directly experience how future generations should maintain the environment in Wonju, where they live, the topography, geography, and existing trees were preserved as much as possible to maintain their natural state. 4) The waterfront of Ipchunnaecheon Stream and the natural environment preserved in the hilly areas were to be felt as much as possible in order to feel the sensitive difference between the four seasons. 5) A park where cultural activities can be held at living sites can be rest through the invisible boundary between the residential area and the activity. 6) All natural environments and artificial buildings were also harmonized based on human scale.

7) For the first time in Korea, eight and one walking bridge were installed on the flyer so that it could circulate the flyer. 8) Small parks, cultural facilities, and living facilities that all age groups could share were planned and reflected in the design in the necessary places. 9) The layout plan was carried out in consideration of the Tonggyeong axis overlooking Chiaksan Mountain in Wonju. 10) Cities and villages with nature were formed so that they could have simultaneous stability in the physical and psychological environments so that they could take pride in the place of life.

Through urban design, for the first time in Korea’s new city development, the topography of eco-environment grade level 2 and green area grade level 7 or higher was preserved in its original form, and this was reflected in the land use plan. In addition, a total of eight eco-bridges (4 in the initial design) and one pedestrian bridge were designed and reflected to realize environmental friendliness and the sustainability of the pedestrian environment so that you can walk without encountering vehicle traffic. The topography was maintained with the original natural greenery network and the flow of water in Ipchunnaecheon from Chiaksan Mountain. Currently, more than 70% of residential (high-rise apartments, low-rise villas, private private houses, etc.), neighborhood living facilities, commercial facilities, elementary and secondary schools, cultural facilities, and public facilities have been built.

Among the 10 innovative cities in Korea, the Gangwon-Wonju Innovation City is contributing to the balanced development of the country as an environment-friendly urban design that conforms to nature.

Firm || Urban & Site Development Design Lab. Dept. of Urban Engineering &Planning, Yonsei University. Seoul, Korea
Project Name || Kangwon-Wonju Innovation City

Architect || Kim Hongkyu
Architect of the Year Award Category || Urban Design Built

Project Location || Wonju, Kangwon-do Province, Korea
Team || Yonsei University-Kim, Hongkyu/Cho, SangWook/Jeon, YoungJae/Hwang, ByungChoon/Korea Land&Housing Corp.-Jung, KunKi/Soon, Il Seoung/Dong Myeong Eng.&Architecture-Kim,TaeAn/Oh,Wonsok/FEELETS Eng.Co.Ltd-Kim, JungSoo/Kim,  NamGon
Country || Korea
Photography ©Credit || ©Kim Hongkyu