Langtown Rural Resort Hotel | Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd. | World Design Awards 2021

Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Langtown is located in the southeast of Langzhong City — known as a “Millennia-old Feng Shui Ancient City” and the birthplace of Chinese Spring Festival culture. It is a pioneering demonstration area of China’s ecological agriculture, invested by Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd. with a capital of 10 billion yuan. Langtown Rural Resort Hotel is the most important hospitality architectural complex in Mount Tangjia Area. With “natural growth” and “local rural context” as the starting point for thinking, the project attempts to interpret the original rural living spaces of the ancient city with contemporary architectural design languages, and takes architecture as the medium to awaken the resonance among people, nature and culture and meanwhile to promote the progress of construction technology in local backward areas.

By making the best of the waterfront landscape as well as mountain landform and vegetation resources, the hotel is master planned with a waterfront area and a hilltop log cabin area.

The waterfront area emphasizes “integration into water environment”, and its layout fully draws on the spatial pattern of local traditional villages. Based on the site’s landform, a large volume of 40,000 square meters is fragmented into several small-scale ones with different sizes and shapes, which are arranged along the central wetland and at different elevations, hence creating wonderful multi-layer waterfront experiences. The waterfront lobby formed by traditional rural materials integrates with water and enjoys an open view to the central wetland as well as Jialing River landscape. The waterfront guestrooms and commercial streets extend from the two wings of the lobby, and echo each other across the lake. The fishing village on the east side connects with the central wetland and Jialing River. It is not only a temporary ferry for the hotel, but also a “water market” full of original local town characteristics, where locals and tourists can go shopping and experience local immersive water lifestyle.

Based on the design concept of “hidden in nature”, the hilltop log cabin area humbly “grows” in nature, and embraces surrounding mountains and waters. The restaurant floating on the cliff, the three-storey “vertical” log cabins, and the “collective nest-style” tree houses that are accessed through many a twists and turns and set at staggering heights, all provide an optimal view to outdoor beautiful Jialing River and rolling mountains.

Project Details
Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Project Name
Langtown Rural Resort Hotel

Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd.

World Design Awards Category
Hospitality Concept

Project Location
Nanchong, Sichuan Province

He Xiaochun, Cao Wen, Wan Jun, Zhang Hao, Wen Ting, Yang Jin, Luo Minjie, Kang Kaifa, Zeng Tao, Zheng Xiaoxiang, Zhong Li, Shao Guoji, Chen Yingxuan, Liu Jianhua, Liu Yiqin, Wu Wenbo, Wang Yu, Zhou Baili, Wang Hui, Hu Bin


Photography ©Credit
©Sichuan Langtown Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Sichuan Port And Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd.), Brother Cooperation Group, WH Studio

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