Life Pro | HWCD | World Design Awards 2021

HWCD: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2021. In the design of LIFE PRO, the designer refined local cultural elements and enriched them to achieve a sense of rhythm at the spatial level. The tension of contemporary art evokes the quiet space, and the modern color shows the infinite reverie of life.

In model area, the designer simplifies, transforms and reorganizes the lines and applies them to the interior design, extending the space visually with a natural and smooth turn, reflecting the spiritual meaning of the mutual integration of contemporary art and local culture.

The texture of the water bar table and metal frame made by natural marble makes a modern and unique space art. The symmetrical design of the bar counter is supplemented by soft lighting, which fully shows the charm of geometric and metal collision in the space.

The wall with modern texture, the space with great lines and geometric sense, full of visual tension, showing the beauty of contemporary art, so that people wander in the flowing fashion atmosphere.

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