LINE lighting | Elips Tasarım Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

Line is inspirited of love and trust between mother and child. There’s an energy between them, lasts so long. Even if they argue sometimes, love never ends. The big amorph formed massive wooden symbolises mother and the small one, child. The source of the light, led chips are placed in the bodies. Light comes out by the help of acrylic bars. That’s the light comes out by the energy between them.

Two amorph formed massive wooden bodies are attached to each other by two acrylic bars. There are four led chips in the wooden bodies. Ends of acrylic bars are placed on the led chips. Acrylic bars reflect the light. There’s a white line on the rounded full transparent acrylic bar. As the bar is turned, the light can be reduced. The bar is always cold, no harm for children. Line can be used in residences, hotels and private offices.

Table lamp with hand-made two amorph wooden bodies gives a sculpture feeling to the area. The connection between the bodies is done by the transparent acrylic bars. When the electricty is off, bars are clear. electricity is on, there comes a light between the bodies, just like two lines. As the acrylic bars are turned by hand, power of light is reduced, as the white lined part of the acrylic bar changes the location. This is an aesthetic design object, when it isn’t used as a lighting.

Bodies of the lamp are shaped by hand using obeche tree wood. Two led chips are placed in bodies and the cables go down to the steel base. There are two holes on the sides of the wooden bodies, where we put the acrylic bars. Acrylic bars’ diameter is 2cm. There’s a white painted line on the side of the transparent acrylic. When electricity turns on, acrylic bars reflect the light of led chips. White line of the acrylic must be placed just behind to have the maximum light. As the acrylic bar is turned, and the white line changes the location, the power of light decreases (the reflection changes).

One of the main idea was using a massive wood, easy to give the shape by hand, just like sculpture. It is designed as a design object and lighting on the other hand. Source of the light shouldn’t be seen. Transparent acrylic bars with the white painted line on the side were perfect to reflect the light between the wooden bodies as if there comes out a connection energy. This idea comes from energy between mother and child. Bodies are fixed on the metal base, transparent cable comes from the bottom of the base.

The way of light comes from Line is the most creative part of the design, as turning the acrylic bar light changes. This is not a classical way of using the light. Acrylic is a very industrial material but massive wood is very natural. Hand-shaped massive wood would act like a sculpture and give a soft natural aestetic feeling to the area. Hiding the source of light in the bodies was the hardest part of the design.

Designer: Elips Tasarım Architecture
3rd Award – Category: Product Design
Project Location: Istanbul
Country: Turkey