Longfor Perfectionism Sales Center | OAS Design Associates (Beijing) Ltd. | World Design Awards 2021

OAS Design Associates (Beijing) Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Entering the modern-styled sales center, one may find out that every detail reflects an exquisite taste. “A kind of autonomous art and also an art that is dominated by itself.” Here is a metaphysical admiration for it while “A place that touches people’s hearts and can be immersed” is the best annotation for it. Designer would hope to reshape the three-dimensional imagination of the space through the creative design of the irregular bevels of the space.


Having taken the human moving path and drifting experience as the standard Designer reorganized the inside space planning so that the plane has a progressive relationship in terms of functional layout, mass difference and privacy. A left-right symmetrical layout is centered on the front desk as a center-axis while the sitting area is arranged around the bar counter so as to guarantee communications not being disturbed.


The Exhibition & Sales Center of the “Longfor Perfectionism” project presents exquisite, elegant and cultural connotations with its simple and neat facade structure that has been well combined with the red bricks of rich humanistic qualities, the partially used precious stones and also the customized metal grills. The texture of the red bricks, the craftsmanship of working with great care and precision and the long-term-maintaining new look of the iron casting and copper sculptures have not only set a new benchmark for living aesthetics but also deeply met the desire of contemporary urban elites for life.  Starting from the elements of shape, color, texture and material, the designers intend to express contemporary people’s imagination of the future through artistic transformation and innovation. They two, as well as the project owner, hope that people can start from this sales center to have a brand-new impression of “Perfectionism” and thus start a beautiful imagination of future life. 


The designers with irregular design method, to decorate the structural column and reduce the ponderous feeling of the column. In that short design period the designer just completes all design work from concept to construction drawing within 35 days. For the construction timing control our team need to consider more details of the design, decoration should be simple and easy to do can be completed quickly, in order to shorten the duration.

Project Details
OAS Design Associates (Beijing) Ltd.

Project Name
Longfor Perfectionism Sales Center

Neville Yung

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Shenyang City, China

Neville Yung


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