Maestria | Line Arquitetura | Architect of The Year Awards 2023

Line Arquitetura: Winner of Architect of The Year Awards 2023. Mastery, in Portuguese ‘Maestria,’ means to do something with skill, perfection, and unwavering care in the execution of a task. It also represents a profound knowledge of something, a thought, a subject, an art, or work that results from mastery.

When approached by the construction company with the theme they had in mind for the development, seeking something that would embody luxury and architecture, we decided to bring in the symbol popularly known and associated with it: The diamond. This globally recognized gem would be the way to, through design, introduce the concept of luxury to the building. With this in mind, we adopted the facets of this gem to generate the shapes our architecture would take. Additionally, we worked with the idea of using color palettes and forms (raw, in manufacturing, and faceted) to convey the concept of luxury, bringing experiences and sensations to each entered space.

This project was an opportunity to create a visual narrative, capturing the essence of the place and evoking feelings in observers throughout the 32 floors of this impressive development. Featuring commercial space, spacious parking with three spaces per apartment, and a leisure area of over 1,400 square meters to enjoy every moment with what/who truly matters.

The central idea of the project was to bring experiences and sensations to each environment. The possibility of having a private retreat with all the sophistication and grandeur that the development carries.

The architectural proposal for the apartments aimed to create a space capable of accommodating large family groups and all their daily needs. Therefore, two units per floor were designed, each with 205 square meters of private area, featuring 4 suites and a spacious living area, offering a beautiful sea view.

The rooftop is a true lookout point. Throughout the entire leisure area, you can relax with the beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding landscape, which embraces the development and unites man and nature as one.

Project Details
Line Arquitetura

Daniel de Amorim

Project Name

Architect of the Year

Project Location
Porto Belo, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

Daniel de Amorim; Mayron Rodrigo; Guilherme Molinari; Jaqueline Gaida; Jéssica Braz; Amanda Maffezzoli


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©Daniel de Amorim

Founded on March 22, 2010, the office was named Line because the line is one of the most essential components in the development of projects. It’s the lines, drawn more freely, that present the initial creative contours of architectural projects.

Located in Itapema, a city on the coast of Santa Catarina, Line Arquitetura is built on four pillars: professionalism, quality, deadlines, and ethics. These pillars have allowed the office to reach 13 years of activity, bringing dreams to more states in Brazil, surpassing the milestone of 200 projects, including completed and in the approval phase.