Maochang Optical Shop | Dayuan Design | World Design Awards 2022

Dayuan Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The time-honored brand has become rare and precious as time goes by in the business world, and the brand value has become a firm choice for generations. As a century-old Shanghai old-fashioned optical store, Maochang has grown up in the city of Shanghai and deeply rooted the Shanghai-style culture in the brand’s genes. Maochang will face younger consumers and starts again with “Modern Shanghai-style” in the diversified world. Dayuan Design will also try to use a more dynamic design language to express the time-honored brand’s consistent quality and emotional connection to the city’s culture.

In addition, we hope to find other qualities consistent with the compatibility of the Shanghai style. Therefore, starting from the concept of combination, we try to redesign the space with old resources in a sustainable image:

A, we use recycled wood from surrounding factories as much as possible in the space for design and production. B, we use wooden bases and environmentally friendly paint to reduce the metal. C, all parts are transported to the site after being assembled in the factory to reduce carbon emissions from transport.

We not only care about the low-carbon properties of material selection and transportation but also explore to provide fresh and continuous content output in commercial operations to attract more consumers, make old customers familiar, and make new customers interested. We cleaned and transformed the ‘Shanghai’ brand TVs, which were bought from second-hand markets, into an installation tree that included product display and interactive installation with classic games. The structure will not only promote the content according to the season theme but also record the process of customer interaction through the camera, which is integrated with the dynamic update of the brand.

By blending the antique and the future, Dayuan Design alienates the historical scene in Shanghai and reshapes the time-honored commercial space of Maochang into a trendy optical store that intermingles familiarity and strangeness. Adhering to the spirit of compatibility and integration of Shanghai-style, Dayuan Design hopes to design more time-honored brands in younger languages so that time-honored brands can grow together with age and create sustainable cultural influence and commercial value.

Project Details
Dayuan Design

Flora Sheh

Project Name
Maochang Optical Shop

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Retail Interior Built

Project Location
Shanghai City

Dayuan Design


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©Yuuuun Studio

Interior Architect, LEED AP. After graduating from Pratt Institute in New York, she founded Dayuan Design Studio in

Shanghai, focusing on the dramatic expression of commercial spaces and studying sustainable design strategy. She aims to create more topical and flexible offline spaces and experiences for brands and give brands continuous content value and communication value.