Marrow Fine One Paseo | Bells + Whistles | World Design Awards 2023

Bells + Whistles: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Marrow Fine flagship boutique in One Paseo reopened with a new design that transports people inside a Marrow jewelry box. Bells + Whistles brought to life the vision of customers to feel like being inside the Jewelry Box, hence being the jewels themselves. Bejeweled tones of rose and gold set a breathtaking scene that features a burgundy Memphis Milano inspired display case, a round floor mirror and rouge tambour. 

Sasha Seyb, a local San Diego decorative artist, hand plastered the walls with a plaster and mica emulsion. The treatment added depth and warmth to the space and the mica added a subtle sparkle to the walls that can be observed when the sun shines into the space. The babe cave, the intimate salon privé at the back of the store, was given a royal makeover with an art deco vibe. A flowing, custom mauve velvet couch hugs the pink gem fractal walls in the space created to celebrate clients and their new jewels.

Project Details
Bells + Whistles

Barbara Rourke

Project Name
Marrow Fine One Paseo

World Design Awards Category
Retail Interior

Project Location
San Diego

Barbara Rourke, Jason St John

United States

Photography ©Credit
©Madeline Tolle

Bells + Whistles is a multidisciplinary interior design studio founded by Barbara Rourke and Jason St John. Originally created and established as a design build studio in San Diego California, the studio carved out a niche in the community for its early hand-built spaces that incorporate custom elements within furniture, lighting and sculptural installations. Now based in L.A., the studio provides a full design service that is centered in a narrative approach, specializing in creating bespoke interiors for hospitality and a select group of homeowners. B + W stands out in their field for how their love for fabrication informs their ability to tell stories that are woven through touch points of a space, from identity to finishes, music and menus, while exceeding the parameters of decor.